Big Brother 11: Live Evictions and "Most Likely To..." (Ep. 4)

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I apologize guys and girls – I was so excited about the first live evictions that I forgot to do my recap! So, I won't be as detailed in this one as in past recaps, since you all likely have heard by now. Instead, I'll give you some opinions and some hints from the live feeds.

So, you know how Big Brother live evictions go. Julie Chen comes on and rambles a lot. We all get the chance to see what the other houseguests have been planning and what it leads up to. Probably the most exciting thing that has happened so far is that Russell took Lydia off the block and Jesse put Braden back up. I thought Braden was going to be all cool and come out with some logical plan to turn the tables. And although it didn't show it in the actual episode it actually looked like it was going to go that way for awhile on the live feeds. There was a lot of talk about voting Chima out as Jordan and Laura attempted to keep their team mate in the game. And it seemed like they actually might do it too. But Braden wasn't as cool as I thought he was going to be.

After being encouraged by Russell, who admitted his plan was to poke and prod him a little bit to make sure he went home, Braden did approach Lydian and (in a fairly calm fight for Big Brother) called her a skank and a bitch. Lydia denied having put his name up as a suggestion for replacing her (and in fact, when she was speaking to Jesse and Lydia on the live feeds about it they asked her who she thought should be put up for eviction if they took her down she said, "Jeff or Braden", knowing full well that they couldn't put Jeff up because he is on the Athletes team). Kevin, being a witness to this, stood up to defend her and Braden turned on him, calling him a "beaner". I'd never heard the term before and it is quite likely that it is more well known in the U.S. because according to WikiAnswers it means, "a Hispanic or a Latino, though it is often used to describe illegal Mexicans." I didn't think that Kevin was Mexican at all – Black and Japanese he said at the beginning of the show – but that didn't make it any less offensive. In fact, both Lydia and Natalie also have Latino backgrounds so Braden really screwed himself on that one. Jeff gave him heck for it but because the two of them hang out together that put Jeff in everyone's bad books as well. Jordan also got thrown into that basket.

And that led to yet another fight, between Jordan and Lydia this time. Seeing Jordan like that was quite the surprise! Lydia really started it by attacking Jordan when Jordan really had no clue what was happening – she didn't even know about the Braden-Lydia-Kevin fight yet – and at first Jordan just looked stunned. But then she pulled herself together and went off at Lydia (which in my opinion she deserved!). Kevin did diffuse the situation though and everything calmed down.

That's when Laura and Jordan realized they had better step up their game if they were going to keep their team together. The plan was to get Casey, Michele, Jeff, Kevin and Ronnie on board and make them realize that letting the Athletes win this round would mean the end for all of them. Kevin was one of the wronged though so there was no way he was going to turn and vote Chima off (although it did appear on the feeds that he considered it). Michele and Ronnie readily agreed to it and Casey was the swing vote.

Julie Chen talked to the houseguest before the live evictions started. The fights were the biggest topic of course. After some general chit chat about the first week of the house, we finally get to the part that everyone wants to know. But first a chat with Jesse in HOH room. Jesse thinks that Russell "has a very strong mind" when he is asked about who is the brains of the Athletes team but he quickly turns it back to himself. He doesn't say anything particularly revealing.

Braden and Chima get a chance to say a few words. Braden admits that he made some mistakes and said some bad things but that he's made his apologies and they have been accepted. He hopes that they'll keep him around despite those. Then Chima comes! One of the most memorable speeches in a long time. She says, "It amazes me how short some of the memory spans in here are because my opponent here called both...(bleeps out)...(shocked sounds from the live audience)...and so, a vote for Braden is a vote for a bigot. Anyone who aligns themselves with a racist and a misogynist, you deserve to go home."

The live votes start and go like this:

Russell – votes to evict Braden

Natalie – votes to evict Braden

Jeff – votes to evict Chima

Jordan – votes to evict Chima

Kevin – votes to evict Braden

Laura – votes to evict Chima

Lydia – votes to evict Braden

Michele – votes to evict Chima

Casey – votes to evict Chima

Ronnie – votes to evict Braden

It comes to a tie so it is up to Jesse to cast the deciding vote. Of course, he votes to evict Braden and Braden is the first to go home. Braden leaves without a fuss and the live audience cheers as he leaves the house. Braden says he is not surprised to be sitting there as you should always expect the unexpected. Julie asks who he thought sold him out. He says possibly Ronnie, Michele, or Casey. Julie reveals that it was Ronnie and Braden is not surprised as Ronnie as always appeared somewhat sinister. He says Ronnie is a great liar and all about playing the game. Julie asks for one word to describe the Big Brother experience and his response is "discombobulated."

Braden listens to some good-bye messages and Kevin takes the opportunity to put his gay pants on (even though he normally does have that many affectations) and Lydia says that it is because he lived in la-la land that he was sent packing (and where does she think she lives?).

There's one more thing in order tonight – we need a new HOH! Jesse is not eligible of course. Julie tells them the competition is called "Most Likely To..." and tells them that America has been polled as to which group would be most likely to do certain things. If they answer wrong they are out but if they answer right they get to choose someone that is currently playing in that round to be eliminated. The answers are pretty typical. Laura gets the first one right and eliminates Chima. Jeff gets the next one right and eliminates Kevin. Laura gets the third question right and eliminates Russell. Casey is next to ring in, gets it correct, and eliminates Natalie. Laura gets another one rung in but gets it wrong and is out. Casey ring in on another one, gets it right and eliminates Jeff. The Athletes are now out of the running for HOH. Lydia rings in correctly and eliminates Jordan, which puts the Popular group out of the running. Ronnie rings in correctly and eliminates Casey. Michele gets one right and eliminates Lydia. The only group left is the Brains. Ronnie gets it correct, making him the next HOH!

Julie reveals that ex-BB houseguest will be returning to surprise them and they camera move back to eavesdrop on the houseguests.

I don't know about you but the thought of Ronnie as HOH made me laugh and shudder at the same time. I think his game of playing both sides is a little over done and he's going to suffer for it. If he played a little more low key he could potentially last longer but now he's pretty stuck. He's been pretending to be on both sides but he's more on the Athletes' side right now. The question you may be wondering about is whether or not he will be able to prevent the non-Athletes group from figuring out if he made the vote that got rid of Braden or if he'll manage to pin it on someone else. Also, how is he going to put two houseguests up for eviction without revealing that he is working both sides? At this point, I was guessing that he would put one from each side up and swear up and down that they were both pawns and hope that neither of them would get POV.

But, you'll have to find out on Sunday when the nominations for eviction are announced!

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