Bones: Harbingers in the Fountain (S05E01)

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Bones is back, baby! And so is your lovely re-capper! And this season, I'll be doing more reviewing than recapping; I figure that if you're reading this you probably have your own opinions... let's hear them!

Now last season, if you recall: Booth had a major brain issue which made him see and hear things like Stewie Griffin, so he had surgery which resulted in a wicked crazy dream where he and Brennan were married and in love, but then he woke up and didn't remember anything. Welcome to Season 5 – B&B are back in action, Booth's brain is still questionable, and so is his love for Brennan. Plus, mass murders and psychics!

Cyndi Lauper guest stars as a psychic who helps B&B discover a mass murder site, which happens to be a group of people (including the psychics' sister) who were scammed by a guy promising a better life (in an underwater utopia) to anyone who was sick of the world.

My first thought is that Booth looked great for having brain surgery only 6 weeks ago – I liked the scruffy "furniture mover" look he had going on in the beginning of the episode. And, he seemed to finally be admitting to himself (and Cam, and Sweets, and the psychic) that he does in fact love Brennan. But as the episode went on, there were little hints and clues that he was not quite himself again: the normal socks and tie, the awfully tacky sunglasses, and the giggling at a random clown. Very un-Booth-like. He realizes that something is not quite right, and is self-conscious and hesitant at times. For us, it is very interesting to see new parts of Booth's character; he's been so strong and confident in that past four seasons, I think I will enjoy seeing a bit of a softer side of the FBI guy.

Brennan seems to have taken a step backwards since Booth's surgery... possibly because she was freaked out by Booth's coma-dream of them being happily married? She apparently left for a few weeks once Booth woke up, and didn't even check on him. During this episode they do regain their closeness, although not as close as we (and probably Booth) would like. They end up saying "I love you" to each other... but only in an "atta-girl" kind of way. Lame.

I thought Cam was great in this episode. She didn't have a huge role in the storyline, but I loved her reaction and advice when Booth confessed his love for Brennan. She was matter-of-fact, kind, but stern, and really looking out for Booth and Brennan. Sweets, on the other hand, was very blunt and sort of a jerk about the whole "your brain is broken and you don't really love Brennan" thing. Hodgins is awesome as usual and breaks the case wide open, once again the "King of the Lab"! And for once, we don't have a lame "Replacement Zach". I'm sure we will though, later in the season. Maybe Zach himself? That whole "he didn't actually kill anyone" thing still hasn't been resolved...

Did anyone else notice the massive goof with Brennan's injury? She got stabbed in the forearm with a scalpel, it sunk in a good inch or two and was bleeding profusely, and yet in the next scene she is wearing a short sleeve shirt with not even a bandage on! She must have gotten some super-healing powers during the summer...

As season premiere's go, this one was interesting, but not overwhelming. I am excited to see the developments with Booth's brain, and I know we'll see more of the B&B "love" tension, and I'm hoping Hodgins gets an awesome character arc soon. Tell me what you thought of the Season 5 opener!

Booth: (talking to Cam about how he's in love with Bones) Right. Right yeah and uh ... tell Bones how I feel.
Cam: Yes. Except ... be sure about your feelings because if you crack that shell, and you change your mind, she'll die of loneliness before she'll trust anyone ever again.

Bones: What did you want to tell me?
Booth: (pauses) That I love you. (Bones is shocked; Booth pauses) In a professional, 'atta girl' kind of way.
Bones: (doubtfully) 'Atta girl' kind of way? (she recovers) Right back at'cha Booth. I love you too. (punches his shoulder playfully) 'Atta Boy.'

Avalon: (after Brennan was attacked) Dr. Brennan. How are you feeling?
Bones: Well, they gave me medication. So I feel how I imagine people of average intelligence feel, all the time.

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metal2000 says...

Heh, I didn't notice the short sleeve shirt thing at all. I clearly wasn't paying enough attention.

I was a bit surprised at Sweets' reactions to Booth's feelings for Brennan. Hasn't he always thought the 2 were in love and just hiding it? I know Stephen Fry's shrink character kind of threw that idea out the window near the end of last season, but I didn't think Sweets would be so quick to believe the brain exams, especially given his thoughts on the subject WAY before Bones read ComaBooth a story that became a realistic dream.

I'm very glad the show's back, though!

Sep 20, 2009 6:25am

joalberts says...

I agree. Sweets knows better... Since when does he take brain scans as the be-all-end-all? I understand it was necassary to create doubt in Booth, but it's unrealistic coming from Sweets, since he has been "in Booth's head" since way before the brain scans.

Sep 20, 2009 12:44pm

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