Bones: The Bond in the Boot (S05E02)

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I kind of wish I hadn't watched the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy before watching this episode. Compared to the 2 hour tear-inducing crazy-train-of-drama that was Grey's, this episode of Bones fell short.

Anyway, the mystery portion of the episode featured a dead guy being eaten by cats, a lot of Bond references, spies spying on other spies, a liquefied CIA analyst in the truck of a car, and a briefcase that may or may not threaten national security. As Angela says, "Boys and their spy fantasies."

The main storyline for our characters revolves around Wendell (one of Zach's replacements from last season). He's back, and everyone loves him, but his scholarship has run out and he'll have to leave the Jeffersonian. Brennan tells him rather insensitively, and Cam rallies the troops to think of other ways to fund Wendell's internship. In the end, three "anonymous" contributors make sizable donations (enough for three scholarships!), and all is good for Wendell. It is speculated that Brennan, Hodgins, and a third unknown person (Cam? Angela?) are the anonymous donors, but we don't know for sure. Sounds like Wendell might be sticking around for a while, which is fine by me... he's one of the least annoying of "Zach's Replacements" – if we can't have Zach, I guess Wendell will do.

Booth seems back to normal in this episode, and there is a rather hilarious moment near the beginning when a young CIA agent calls Booth "old". His memory has mostly returned, except for very random and selective things, like the skill of plumbing. The writers use this "plumbing" dilemma to set up the tension between Brennan and Booth over financial differences. Brennan is hugely rich now (she just published another book and received a monster cheque), and she doesn't understand why Booth wants to re-learn his plumbing skills when you can just pay a real plumber. Sweets suggests that it would help Booth if Brennan pretended to be interested in learning the basics of plumbing from Booth; that doing this would help their relationship and Booth's recovery. I personally don't understand this logic, but whatever.

All this financial-plumbing-tension leads up to Brennan buying Booth a "Plumbing for Dummies" book, and later a rather erotic moment between B&B underneath a sink. Anything to further the sexual tension, I guess. The writers keep teasing me, and I'm starting to doubt that they will ever allow B&B to "consummate" their relationship. Sigh.

The case is solved in a whirlwind of activity that is fairly forgettable, there is a Ukrainian assassin, and a photo of the victim with a map embedded in it, telling the location of the missing briefcase. Instead of diamonds or WMD's, it's a simple USB drive inside the briefcase... I don't know about B&B, but I wanna know what's on it!! Will this come up in future episodes?

One weird goof I noticed: Brennan said the cats were "feral", yet when the crime scene guys are gathering them up and caging them, they are totally tame, calm, and extremely CLEAN looking. They sure didn't look feral to me. Although I did enjoy the hungry way they stared at B&B. Heh.

Overall, this episode was disappointing for me. What did you think?

Booth: (on the phone with a plumber, who has just given him a quote) That's extortion, and I'm a big, strong man and I'll fix it myself!

Hodgins: (holding a tray of cat feces) Everybody poops. They even wrote a book about it.

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