Bones: The Prodigy in the Plain (S05E03)

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Sorry for the delay in reviewing, folks. I blame the car thieves in Calgary. Actually, the fact that my car was stolen caused me to watch this episode and wonder, "If I drove a horse and buggy instead of a car, would they still have stolen my ride?" and also, "I wonder if it costs more to keep a car or a horse running?"

Anyway, this week on Bones, an Amish piano prodigy turns up dead after being dragged under a train, his remains spread out for miles. Clark the "I don't want to hear about your personal lives" intern is back and annoying everyone, and Cam is dealing with being a new mom to a 16 year old.

B&B are back in their prime, and the only mention of Booth's coma-induced amnesia is a brief comment about his "cocky" belt buckle. He still looks a little uncomfortable trying to be the Old Booth, but he seems to be coming around.

The mystery of this episode was interesting, especially to learn more about the Amish faith system. I had no idea that they disapproved of music so much! As I sometimes make a living musically, this makes me quite sad. I did enjoy when the Amish parents softened enough to accept a photo and a DVD of their son, those were heart-warming moments. I also didn't know that young adults in the Amish faith went through Rumspringa, an Amish tradition for young people to leave the community and experience the outside world before they decide to either leave the Amish lifestyle or remain in it for life. Great tradition! I think all kids should do this.

Clark is really annoying. Especially when he objected to retrieving evidence because he is black and he'd have to be picking the ditches around the train tracks... ugh. I'm very tired of the Ring-Around-The-Intern game they've played since the beginning of last season. Just pick one already!

A large part of this episode was Cam's adopted daughter, Michelle, and her possible sex life. To be honest, I had forgotten that Cam adopted her. There's the typical "you're not my mother" scene, then the apology scene, then the bonding scene where they have the sex talk... it was rather predictable. I thought it was funny that everyone in the Jeffersonian got in on it, though, and Booth's confrontation with the boyfriend was quite hilarious.

I have to say – the amazing "apartment finding" software that Angela used to find out where the Amish kid was living was really crazy. I know they use far-fetched and downright sci-fi equipment on this show, but wow.

In the end, the Amish kid broke his own hand to remove the temptation of music, so that he could go back to his faith. A random thief left him dead for a few hundred bucks and a fake gold medal. Nice tidy wrap up, sad ending for the Amish folks.

I'm still waiting for this season to get exciting... anyone else?

Angela: Hey listen Cam. Every teenager goes through this. Think about what you went through.

Cam: (nods then looks shocked) Me? Oh God! What am- what am I gonna to do?

Booth: (referring to the Amish) We reject Satan and ... they reject buttons.

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