So You Think You Can Dance: Weekly Roundup

It's an amazing thing! All over the world! Things I want are happening! On dancing shows at least!

So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Top 6 Week

The awkward shoulder twins are gone. Sweet. With Sadface!Emmanuel and Melanie booted this week, the Top 4 is exactly as it should be: TJ, JR, Everett and Vincent. Although I would probably replace Vincent with Daniel. Yes, I'm still outraged. (And Vincent is fine, tripping aside; I just really enjoyed Daniel, his abs, and his dancing.)

I am so very, very happy to see the end of this show, you don't even know. The thing is that I LOVE the contestants--they're great, they're sweet, they're talented, love 'em. But I HATE the cast. Lay-uh Miller, Tré, and Jean-Marc are all WAY past needing to shut up, and even Blake, Rex Harrington (!), and Sean Cheesman are on my last nerve. And Mary Murphy gets EVEN SHRIEKIER when she is on the Canadian show!

I am exhausted. I am dance-showed out. I want to LOVE SYTYCD. But I am sick of it, and the only thing that can redeem it for me...

So You Think You Can Dance, Las Vegas Rounds Cat Deeley, that delightful breath of fresh, English air.

Give me cartoony, bitchy Tyce or crazyface Mia or even less-shrieky American-style Mary over these fools we have up here any day. I mean, things could not get much better than they're shaping up to be this season: Nigel's got a haircut, Adam Shankman's a perma-judge, Debbie Allen is around more and still the shiznit, and even Mia is nicer. WHAT A RELIEF, all of it, compared to the rage that Jean-Marc & Co. inspire in me each Tuesday and Wednesday night. (P.S. If the man cries one more time this season, I am breaking up with this show [renewed for a third season, huzzah, kill me now] FOR REAL. The chin-tremble is about more than I can handle.)

If you missed the Vegas rounds so far (by the way, I totally lied in my "What's On Tonight?" post yesterday when I said they were announcing the Top 20; it was inadvertent, I promise! I was just as disappointed as you!), you've missed a lot of fun: many ankle injuries and bloody noses, many crying contestants, several crying judges (I'll take Adam's chin tremble over Jean-Marc's any day), several adorable jailbait contemporary boys dancing their hearts out, shirtless Ryan Di Lello...

Oh, and some of our early favourites have been cut, including Ryan Kasprzak (shocker!). The sad part is that now he's too old to audition again. I think this may be the last we see of the mighty, mighty Kasprzaks... until they bring Evan and Ryan in to co-choreograph a tap number for Bianca and someone. Nigel maybe, if they didn't let that other tapper guy through; I didn't see him at all last night. You know it's happening. ("Random" drawing of dances? Do we honestly still believe in that?)

Speaking of Bianca, am I the only person who isn't a fan? And what are your thoughts on Mollie Gray--cute, or irritating? Plus, what of her group's sad, injured chair dance? Anyone else find "Legacy" (serious finger quotes there) overrated? Who are you SUPER excited to see in the Top 20? (For me, it's Nathan Trasoras and Paula van Oppen all the way.)

Next week: Finally the finals in Canada, and finally the Top 20 announced in the U.S. I am stoked for both!

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fujitam says...

I completely agree on the Canadian show Ariana!!! So glad that Emmanuel is gonzo, I would have liked to see Daniel in the Top 4, stll trying to figure out why the judges let him go prior to the top 10. My pic to win is Tara-Jean, hometown bias aside, I think she is brillant! I think it will be TJ and Jamie-Rai 1-2 with the boys 3-4. I am also thankful for PVR which is how I can stand watching the Canadian show, I generally FFWD through Tre and Jean Marks remarks, and most of Leah's comments as well.

Haven't gotten into the US show yet, was waiting for top 20, which is next week. I did happen to watcha bit of the show this week, and am trying to remember what they did with the girl who sprained her ankle, the one who almost made top 20 last year, do you remember?

Oct 16, 2009 11:12am

Ariana says...

I don't remember either! I feel like... maybe they didn't say yet.

I am predicting a TJ & Everett final 2, and I think TJ will win, which I am fine with. I like all the dancers who are left, so there is no bad outcome!

Oct 16, 2009 11:50am

swishy5 says...

I feel a little bad about it, but I haven't been very good at watching Canada. I completely missed last week and missed most of the week before. And I don't even care to watch them now. I will watch the final. I am still hoping for Jayme Rae to win.

I also haven't watched an SYTYCD except the first episode. I felt very overloaded with it all. I believe I will watch this week (is it the first performance show, or just announcing top 20?) and if not then next week. You are not the only person who isn't a fan of Bianca. There are at least two of us.

Oct 19, 2009 2:49pm

deniselg says...

I couldn't agree more about Sean. I feel like he wants all attention on him. His comments are unncessarilly lengthy. I hope Vincent wins.

Oct 21, 2009 11:26pm

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