Bones: A Night in the Bones Museum (S05E05)

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Oh dear god, DAISY IS BACK!! Run for cover!

B&B investigate a crime involving a 3000 year old mummy that was stolen from the Jeffersonian (which was on loan from the Egyptian government). Brennan manages to solve a 3000 year old crime AND a brand spanking new one, PLUS go out on a date with Booth's boss's boss.

First things first: Daisy. She was by far the WORST "Zach's replacement" intern from last season, and there was much rejoicing when she got fired. We heard a little bit about her from Sweets as they started dating, but in this episode Sweets asks Brennan for a "personal favor" of giving Daisy a second chance to prove herself as a squint. Brennan agrees, despite my yells of protest at the TV screen.

Here's the thing – she wasn't all bad! Her storyline was decent, she is super smart, and the fight with Sweets (because he was really overbearing and didn't really trust her) felt real. Angela really hit is home, when Sweets was at the lab "watching" Daisy, and Angela asks "Why are you here?" – And later when Cam asks the same question, Angela answers that he is "Daisy's handler". Daisy had a right to be mad at Sweets, although he was just trying to help and be supportive. There were only two moments with her that I really hated; the girly-squee moment with Brennan when talking about mummies, and the unnecessarily long make-out scene in the Egyptian storage room. What IS it about that room that makes people all randy?

Speaking of "randy", let's talk about Brennan's date with Booth's boss's boss, Andrew Hacker. He was played by Diedrich Bader; an odd choice to play the FBI Assistant Director in my opinion - all I could think of was the doofus from the Drew Carey Show. Anyway, this could go one of two ways: it might just be a plot device designed to make Booth jealous, or it could actually be a love interest for Brennan for the season. The two actually had a lot of chemistry! Poor Booth, when he realized that Brennan told Hacker the meatloaf story, he was just crushed. And his confrontation with Brennan was perfect! Those two need to be locked in a room and not allowed out until they confront their feelings for each other.

Angela was awesome in this episode. I had kind of forgotten she was trying celibacy, until she started prodding Brennan about her date with Hacker, desperately trying to get a "vicarious thrill" though Brennan. Teehee!

Oh, right, the murder!! I should probably mention that too. There were two things to solve in this episode: first, the murder of the curator who was prepping an Egyptian mummy exhibit, and the mystery of the mummy itself!

The murder was committed by another Jeffersonian historian, over a giant ruby that was hidden inside the mummy and recently discovered by CAT scan. That makes sense, money = motive. But the mummy itself was a much more interesting story. Anok was behind his brother Meti in line for the Egyptian throne, but when Meti died suddenly their father assumed Anok had killed him. The squints manage to clear Anok's name, 3000 years later by discovering that Meti actually died from a combination of Brittle Bone disease and a fall from a horse. I loved that Brennan got to return to her "roots" in ancient forensic studies in this episode. Also when she started quoting (perfectly) the original "Mummy" movie. Hah!

I'm hoping that the mummy story (Anok and Meti) is based on some truth, but I can't find evidence of that anywhere. Oh well!

Cam: Hodgins found a 3000 year old bug, so he is a weepy.

Booth: If I was Egypt, I'd throw you a party!

Brennan: I guess what goes on between us should just be ours.

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sweetkeet says...

This was a very entertaining episode, and it was quite unexpected.

Oct 27, 2009 3:02pm

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