So You Think You Can Dance: Weekly Roundup

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In Canada: Top 4 week drags on...

In the US: The Top 20 is actually announced, like for real this time.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Top 4 Week

Over here in Canadia, our Top 4 performance episode featured the following:

  • A mediocre cabaret group number choreographed by the usually superb Tony & Melanie
  • Everett & Vincent in an ATL-style (read: FAST) hip-hop routine by Sho-tyme
  • The ever-beloved TJ back with her old partner Everett (and what is going on here? When have two partners ever been this delighted to be back in one another's arms?) for a beautiful Sean Cheesman jazz routine
  • The two girls in a messy mambo, also by Tony & Melanie (perhaps they are a bit tired from the overload of dance shows this summer/fall? Me too, kids)
  • Jayme Rae and Vincent in an incredible contemporary number by Mia Michaels 2.0, Stacey Tookey
  • Vincent again, in back-to-back routines, this time with TJ in a flashy hustle by Maria Torres
  • Jayme Rae and Everett with a barely competent samba by new choreographers whose names I don't care to learn this late in the season
  • Everett's tapperific solo
  • Vincent's solo, featuring the usual kicking and hip-shaking
  • Jayme Rae's solo -- good, but not splashy enough, and I think she may have been trying to channel Jeanine's winning Spanish-style solo from Season 5 in the U.S.
  • TJ's solo to a cover of "Bleeding Love," which featured a chair and was absolutely PHENOMENAL; this one was much closer to Jeanine's calibre

So who's it going to be? The results air Sunday night on CTV. I call Tara-Jean; in fact, I really can't see any other outcome. Runner-up? Underdog Everett.

So You Think You Can Dance, The Last of the Vegas Rounds

Our counterparts in the U.S. have finally announced their Top 20 for Season 6! It was a great episode, full of adorable Cat-ness and true, actual surprises. Best of all, they will be airing a "Meet the Top 20" special on Monday night, prior to Tuesday's first performance episode. This is the best idea they've had yet! Apparently we are also going to get to see the judges pair up the dancers--and maybe hear some of their reasoning for said pairings? This FASCINATES me. I can't wait! Also, there will be dancing. AND. One more thing. I read an interview with Nigel where he said they will NOT have four judges every week with Adam as a permanent judge now--often it will just be the three of them. Awesome. Four judges is too much talking, yo.

Also, people, the credits are different this season. And they look amazing.

So. I'll get on with it. Your Top 20, in the order announced:

  • Nathan Trasoras (of course, and also, YAY!)
  • Kathryn McCormick, who cries all the time
  • Channing Cooke
  • Ariana Debose (she has my name! FAVOURITE)
  • Ellenore Scott
  • Billy Bell (who goes to Juilliard, my my)
  • Russell Ferguson (mad krumper)
  • Kevin Hunte
  • Bianca Revels (I am going to try to like her)
  • Phillip Attmore (Ryan Kasprzak's old roommate)
  • Peter Sabasino (that's three tappers; they just had to one-up Canada's Top-4-finishing tapper, didn't they?)
  • Victor Smalley
  • Jakob Karr
  • Mollee Gray
  • Pauline Mata (this is the girl what rolled her ankle in the Broadway round)
  • Noelle Marsh
  • Legacy Perez
  • Paula van Oppen

And then, with four ballroom dancers left, and no other ballroom dancers called into the Top 20 yet, Ryan and Ashleigh di Lello wait to learn their fates alongside semi-creepy Gene and non-creepy Karen Hauer, who also originally auditioned with her husband, only he got cut.

The two boys go in together, and Ryan is told he's through to the Top 20. (Hurrah! A victory for all admirers of the male physique!)

The two girls go in, and Karen is told she's made the Top 20. Are you shocked? Me too. They show her coming back into the holding room and screaming that she's through; meanwhile, Ryan di Lello stands sadly to the side with Cat. BUT THEN! Ashleigh comes through the curtain and says she made it too!


Truth! It turns out Paula van Oppen turned them down to do a movie! And so...

  • minus Paula van Oppen
  • Ryan di Lello
  • Ashleigh di Lello

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fujitam says...

Hey Ariana! Thanks so much for being a trooper thru a double dose of SYTYCD!! I really appreciated it!! I think TJ is the frontrunner, and I think Jamie Rae will be number 2... I thought the same thing about her solo, although it didn't compare to Jeanines solo which was amazing. TJ did an awesome job all year and I hope that Canada rewards her with the win, I know I was redialing like a mad woman on Tuesday night, and can't wait to find out the winner, just sad I have to wait til Sunday :(

Didn't catch the Top 20 show for the US show, but am very interested in the meet the dancers episode. Thanks for the heads up as I wouldn't have PVR'd it otherwise!

Oct 23, 2009 5:50pm

Ariana says...

You're welcome! I am SO relieved it's almost over--the dual show thing, I mean. I am just getting caught up on last night's finale, so soon I will know the answers to all the questions.

Oct 26, 2009 6:50pm

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