So You Think You Can Dance: Weekly Roundup

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This week in Canada: Things finally come to a sputtering, predictable end.

And in the US: We meet the Top 20, and then we meet a different Top 20, but then it doesn't matter anyway. Also, new set, new credits, new stupid empty Paula Abdul chair.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Finale

And the winner is... wait for it; I know you'll be shocked... Tara-Jean.

So, good on her, she's awesome, she deserves it. Whether Vincent deserves that runner-up car is a matter more up for debate, but I'll let you lovely viewers decide.

I think I might avoid watching next season. They are starting auditions right now though, so does that mean they're going to air it earlier in the year? I don't know if that's better or worse, but unless they manage to get Cat Deeley to host, I fear I cannot stomach another season.

So You Think You Can Dance, Top 20 Week

This... was really quite a disappointing week.

First, we had the Meet the Top 20 special on Monday night. The dancing was mostly great (especially the NapTab hip-hop number featuring actual hip-hop dancers, and surprisingly, Tyce's contemporary set to effing k.d. lang), but knowing that we were futilely watching the soon-to-fall-ill-and-withdraw Billy Bell was anti-climactic, and also... I REALLY hate the new stage. It's not just me, is it? It seems so impersonal compared to the lower, more interactive stage of yore. There aren't even any fun steps up the back!

Also, Nigel has this empty chair sitting beside him labelled with Paula Abdul's name, in case she ever decides to show up. Honestly, does anyone care about Paula Abdul?

Plus, we didn't get to see anything about the choosing of partners, which I was promised, and which greatly disappointed me. This is probably the one thing in the whole process I am most curious about.

Then, Tuesday night brought us performances and results, with no voting, thanks to STUPID BASEBALL. Way to ruin a great show's great format, BASEBALL. The quality of dance was quite high, but I don't feel engaged by any of these dancers yet; to be fair, most of you seemed to feel this way about last season's, but overall I think I liked them better. Then again, it could be the GIANT, IMPERSONAL STAGE making me feel more removed.

At any rate, the standout routines were Travis' contemporary (woulda been better with someone-besides-Bianca, though, and I think I'll be saying that about all her routines this season--the SHOULDERS, dear Lord, the shoulders) and Sonya's jazz. Mmm, and Dave Scott's caveman hip-hop was endearing as well. Several people surprised me, including Kathryn in said hip-hop and Victor in said contemporary.

But overall, it was a lackluster night-- great things like Adam Shankman, Cat's beautiful beautiful-ness, and the shiny new credits featuring actual SYTYCD dancers notwithstanding. I think I really, really miss the old stage. This one doesn't lend itself well to camera work, due to both the shape of it and the design of the backdrop.

Poor Russell didn't even get to dance with his injured partner Noelle, and then to add to the humiliation, the judges put him in the bottom four, presumably because they wanted to see his solo.

And then they sent my namesake home! PLUS poor Brandon, brought on only two days prior to replace Billy Bell. This is a sloppy, sloppy start to the season, people.

I hear rumours that next week won't have viewer voting either, but I hope I'm misinformed, because this format is weak. BRING ME THE OLD STAGE.

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fujitam says...

Hey Ariana, was thinking of you when your namesake went home, with Noelle being out with a knee injury, do you think it will be possible that they will bring her back if Noelle isn't able to compete? I think it might be a possibility... I was annoyed with the judges voting out format, not cool! Also feel for Brandon, who I actually really enjoyed dancing the waltz and thought he was amazing for a 1 1/2 days notice!!! Hopefully he can complete next year.

I also have to say I am super happy for my fellow Lethbridgian TJ!!! She so deserved to win, very happy happy happy! Did you hear that Mia Michaels left the US show for the Canadian show? Maybe if they put her in as a permanent 3rd judge it would make the show better? Wonder why she left the US show, maybe she was P-O'd that Shankman became the permanent 3rd judge? What do you think?

Oct 31, 2009 4:39pm

Ariana says...

She didn't leave the U.S. show for the Canadian show; as far as I know, she now won't be on any iteration of SYTYCD. I don't think she left in a huff or anything--seems like it was just time to move on. I think it was a good choice on her part.

Oct 31, 2009 4:43pm

fujitam says...

That makes more sense, I was watching e-talk yesterday and they made it sound like she was coming to the Canadian show... I will miss her!

Oct 31, 2009 5:53pm

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