Late night talk show guests: February 8-14

So apparently I needed a week off after Conan left the air (repeats don't count!) before talking about late night television again. And it's true, the winner of our Best Overall Late Night Show of 2009 award is still on the air in repeats for one more week before Vancouver Olympics coverage kicks in -- though you wouldn't know it from visiting NBC's website. Despite still airing Conan's Tonight Show on their network for another week, as of last Friday, they've eliminated all mention of Conan O'Brien from their web properties -- no videos, no bios, no anything. Every section or dedicated site that linked to something Conan-related -- including the "Twitter Tracker" and "Conando" sites, blogs, videos on and -- have been erased from their servers (and not just his Tonight Show stuff, as all his old Late Night video archives are gonzo, too). They even took down a great Tonight Show history website they had set up, going over all the great moments from Steve Allen and Jack Paar, through Johnny Carson's 30 years and Jay's first run as host, because it mentioned Conan O'Brien. It's all a bit odd.

And speaking of odd, did you guys watch the Super Bowl? (I'm guessing you did, since over 100 million people in the U.S. -- plus no doubt millions more up here in Canada -- caught the minor upset by the New Orleans Saints over the Indianapolis Colts.) Did you catch the Late Show with David Letterman ad that featured Dave (of course), Oprah Winfrey, and... what?! Who?!? Jay Leno?!?!? That's right, Jay Leno appeared in a Super Bowl ad for The Late Show, and even spent 20-30 minutes secretly filming the spot at the Ed Sullivan Theater with Oprah and Dave last Tuesday. Now, we all know how friendly Jay is with Oprah, after the wonderful job she did trying to help him save face after the late night fiasco, but David Letterman? Sure, they have a LONG history, going back to doing stand-up in L.A. in the early 70s and writing for Good Times together. But since Jay got The Tonight Show over Dave back in 1992, there's clearly been no love lost between them. Reports say that the two were "very friendly, very professional, totally cordial," but I'd still have killed to be a fly on the wall of that commercial shoot.

Now, after all that, you probably just want to get to the guest line-ups for this week. I'm still going to give you my Top 5 picks for the week, but I'll save you more of my blabbering and will forgo the wordy explanations. You're welcome!

  • Louis C.K. (Wednesday on Conan) – He's the best working stand-up today (in my humble opinion), and even though it's a repeat, it's also the second-last TV airing ofThe Tonight Show. (Plus, Wednesday's Conan also has Megan Fox swooning over CoCo.)
  • Donald Glover (Tuesday on Ferguson) – We may have our own interview with theCommunity star coming up in the near future, but in the meantime, check him out chatting with Craig.
  • Jeff Bridges (Friday on Letterman) – The odds-on favourite for the "Best Actor" Oscar stops by to talk to Dave.
  • Willie Mays (Wednesday on Stewart) – Jon Stewart is a massive baseball fan -- and specifically, a Mets fan -- so seeing him get to talk to one of the all-time legends of the game should be really fun!
  • Tegan & Sara (Tuesday on Strombo) – You've seen them perform, but rarely do you get to see them sit down and talk. Here's hoping we get BOTH onThe Hour!

The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS)

  • Mon 02/08: Drew Brees, Sandra Bullock, Josh Turner
  • Tue 02/09: Jennifer Garner, Brooklyn Decker, Sade, "Top Ten List" presented by the cast of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains
  • Wed 02/10: Jessica Biel, Christoph Waltz, Allison Moorer
  • Thu 02/11: Regis and Joy Philbin, "Top Ten List" presented by Benicio Del Toro
  • Fri 02/12: Jeff Bridges, Joe Wong, The Soft Pack

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (NBC)

  • Mon 02/08: Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Eric Hutchinson (Repeat)
  • Tue 02/09: Mike Tyson, Keith Barry, Matisyahu (Repeat)
  • Wed 02/10: Megan Fox, Louis C.K., Kevin Skinner (Repeat)
  • Thu 02/11: Sienna Miller, Steve Schirripa, Deon Cole (Repeat, Last Ever Airing)

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS)

  • Mon 02/08: Pierce Brosnan, Patty Griffin
  • Tue 02/09: Carrie Fisher, Donald Glover
  • Wed 02/10: Kristen Bell, Jeff Stilson
  • Thu 02/11: Don Rickles, Sonya Walger
  • Fri 02/12: TBA

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC)

  • Mon 02/08: Stephen Colbert, Willie Garson, Eric Ripert
  • Tue 02/09: Bill Paxton, James Van Der Beek, Jeff Musial, Regina Spektor
  • Wed 02/10: Yeasayer
  • Thu 02/11: John Lithgow, Kings of Convenience
  • Fri 02/12: Benicio Del Toro, Selena Gomez

Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)

  • Mon 02/08: Eric Dane, Kourtney Kardashian, The Bravery (Repeat)
  • Tue 02/09: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Dave Salmoni (and his animals), Ryan Bingham
  • Wed 02/10: Emily Blunt, Bryan Greenberg, The Editors
  • Thu 02/11: Patrick Dempsey, Lake Bell, Greg Giraldo
  • Fri 02/12: Mark Wahlberg, Brooklyn Decker, Dashboard Confessional

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy Central, CTV)

  • Mon 02/08: Jenny Sanford
  • Tue 02/09: Newt Gingrich
  • Wed 02/10: Willie Mays
  • Thu 02/11: Lee Daniels

The Colbert Report (Comedy Central, CTV)

  • Mon 02/08: Jonathan Safran Foer
  • Tue 02/09: George Stephanopoulos
  • Wed 02/10: Claire Danes
  • Thu 02/11: Al Michaels, David Ross

Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC)

  • Mon 02/08: Olivia Munn, Jordy Smith, Paolo Nutini (Repeat)
  • Tue 02/09: Adam Scott, Leticia Bufoni, The XX (Repeat)
  • Wed 02/10: David Duchovny, Tor Hamer, Anya Marina (Repeat)
  • Thu 02/11: Jason Reitman, Kenna, Franz Ferdinand (Repeat)

Lopez Tonight (TBS)

  • Mon 02/08: Jamie Foxx, Garry Marshall
  • Tue 02/09: Topher Grace, Jewel
  • Wed 02/10: Ashton Kutcher, Emma Roberts, Carter Jenkins
  • Thu 02/11: Jennifer Garner, Hector Elizando

The Hour with George Stroumboloupoulos (CBC)

  • Mon 02/08: Jamie Farr, David Frum
  • Tue 02/09: Tegan & Sara, Loui Palu
  • Wed 02/10: Anita Dunn, Lee Daniels (director ofPrecious)
  • Thu 02/11: Wendel Clark

Kevin Pollak's Chat Show (Online)

  • On hiatus until Sunday, February 21st

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