The Bachelor - Riddle Me This, Chris..

The first half of this week's much hyped The Women Tell All episode was a series of flashbacks, Bachelor reject orgy reunions, the Bachelor gives back/pats themselves on the back...before we get to the "biggest television scandal of 2010": Rozlyn-gate.

I was originally on team Rozlyn when she was initially booted after I read some things online. Certain things stood out to me: the lack of clear definition of "inappropriate relationship" – a sexual one was heavily implied but no one came right out and said it, the accusation that she wasn't allowed to talk to her son while on the show, the fact that there was no footage... However, this reunion did it's job to cast plenty of doubt on her story.

The interview between host, Chris Harrison, and Rozlyn was surprisingly candid and I was glad she got to bring up all these points. This didn't make up for the fact that she was completely ambushed –by the studio audience, by Chris, by the other contestants who suddenly had loads to say yet, dare I say, completely shocked when she was first booted off. The whole thing was super shady.

The testimony from the women about thigh touching and some weird all-fours, "put me to bed" encounter did seem a little strange. I'm not doubting that Rozlyn is probably a flirty individual, using her sexuality to get her way, especially in her interactions with the opposite sex. Though not necessarily a crime, I can understand how her continual denial would be frustrating and vilify her further. But the multiple testimonies didn't really help her case. Rozlyn seemed shocked by the accustations - if she had admitted to being flirty, if nothing else, she might have saved some face with viewers and not been dubbed the rampant ho of the season.

However, "riddle me this, Chris" – how come you never straight up answered her questions? She brings up the possibility of hidden video recording devices that were stated in her contract and you take the opportunity to point out how big studio cameras are? She talks about how she never got to talk to her son so you deflect and ask Ella if she ever got to talk to her son – she wasn't talking about Ella and you never said that no, Rozlyn did get to talk to her son "officially" without the inappropriate help of a certain producer.

Chris was smug throughout – visually beaming as the women ratted on Rozlyn. He took every opportunity to condescend all over her – telling her that he wished her no ill-will and hoped she would become a better person from this experience. He compared her side of things to a tale of unicorns and magicians and though he accused her of many a thing, he "refuse[d] to dignify with a response" anything she brought up that he didn't like. I hate to break it to you Chris, but if you look in the mirror, I'm fairly certain you'll have no reflection because you have no soul.

Regardless, The Women Tell All did deliver – it was salicious, scandalous and highlighted some of the funnier sides of the contestants.

Oh yeah, remember Jake? And Vienna? And Telney? Me either.

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