Two and a Half Men: Twanging Your Magic Clanger

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Twanging Your Magic Clanger told the tale of two brothers' morality. After all these years, an expectation has been set on how Charlie and Alan behave in their given situation, and how they differ from each other. But this episode showed the irony in how the individual plots and settings may be what is congruent with the characters, but how they handled themselves to be completely different. In Alan's case, in an attempt to not waste medication, he found himself with a self-inflicted severe case of priapism. This resulted in him acting completely inappropriately to cure himself, and escalating in finding worse locations as the episode went on. Ultimately, his efforts led to Charlie answering a phone and finding out that his brother ended up in jail.

Charlie, on the other hand, was able to show some restraint in himself. Though this restraint was at first limited to his shallow reaction to his date's age, he was able to move beyond this and into acceptance. His test came when he met his date's daughter, which Charlie found to be very attractive, and perfectly misbehaving. This is where Charlie was able to come to a conclusion of his own self-awareness, and to back out of the relationship before he made things worse for everybody. However, it did not take Charlie much time to change his mind, when it became clear that he was in no condition to ruin things.

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