Modern Family: Halloween

Posted by: Diana Prano  //  October 28, 2010 @ 7:23am

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This week we find Claire getting the troops ready for Halloween! This is the only holiday left that someone else in the extended family hasn't claimed, so by default she gets it and goes all out for her "favorite" holiday! She transforms the house into a spooky house of horrors, costumes, scripts, sounds, light and fog and of course being a perfectionist it can never match up to her plan. She needs the participation of the whole gang, but half of them are unenthused and the other half is not following her direction properly. They're all unusually distracted in their own dramas. Darn!

Phil learns from his next door neighbor that his wife "just left," no clue, no explanation, leaving Phil wandering around in a fog of his own. Jay tries lovingly to correct Gloria's English explaining patiently that it's a "dog-eat-dog world," not a "doggie-dog world" where Gloria imagines a world filled with happy puppies. When they arrive at Claire and Phil's in costume as a gargoyle and a witch, they're also in the middle of a fight and Gloria starts enunciating like a proper American lady, but with a stick up her behind! Claire was counting on her screechy voice to scare the trick-or-treaters. Everyone is acting so strange that the little goblins are more afraid of how weird the Dunphy's are rather than being spooked by the Halloween theatrics.

Claire and Phil go outside to have a discussion and that's when they overhear everyone inside doing their spookiest best, having fun and scaring the heck out of the trick-or-treaters! Right on cue! Perfect. Trick or treat? Treat!

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