Glee: Extraordinary Merry Christmas

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Leave it to Glee to come up with one of the wackiest Christmas episodes on TV this year. Not too much in terms of pushing storylines forward, but just a whole lot of goofy holiday fun; and some winks to Holiday TV specials of the past. Don't look for too much deep meaning this week -- just sit back, smile and enjoy some holiday cheer.


After losing her candidacy (and her sister last year), Sue is feeling more in the holiday spirit so she volunteers at a homeless shelter recruiting the New Directions to sing. Unfortunately, they're booked to showcase their talents on Public Television in their very own Made for TV Holiday special. Assuming the director's wheelchair is Artie who acquired the gig based on his successful West Side Story job.

His vision is an over the top bombardment of holiday cheer. And he produces a wacky mash up of past holiday TV specials: Star Wars, Judy Garland, Klaine doing their best Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire impressions. But when all's said and done, it's Irish import Rory Flanigan who teaches them the real meaning of Christmas. Taking a cue from Mr. Awe Shucks, aka Sam, he detracts from script and reads from the Bible instead of from the Frosty the Snowman story.

Odd as it sounds, it was enough to inspire the gang to join Quinn and Sam - who apparently already knew the meaning of Christmas - at the soup kitchen with Sue.

It even inspired Rachel, who had bling on her mind this year, until she and Finn decide to donate their gifts to charity.

A mixed bag for sure, this episode, but a jolly one at least.

Believe it or not, that was pretty much the whole episode. I assume, since last week's Sectionals episode tied up quite a few storylines, this holiday treat was basically some Christmas leftovers. Having said that, the Artie-directed special was tons of fun. And there were some great holiday numbers to boot.

Best Line:

Rory: "Brittany and her family are going to see a gay Santa. Something about Santa Fe."

Best Songs:

"Blue Christmas" by Rory - wasn't much of a Rory fan until this week. Both his voice (channelling The King) and his storyline were enough to convert me.

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