The Walking Dead: Triggerfinger

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"You killed the living, to protect what's yours?"

Nightfall has arrived, making the perfect setting for a zombie survival horror scene. The main plot had Rick, Glenn, and Hershel trapped in a bar, surrounded by an unknown number of hostile survivors that were associated with the two thugs from the last episode. As the walkers came to follow the sound of gunshots, the other group's every man for himself approach left one man dead, and another one severely wounded and trapped. Rick, being the noble and incorruptable hero, chose to save the young man that was left behind by his own group.

Meanwhile, Lori was recovering from a crash, and fighting off walkers, only to have Shane find her and tell her that her husband had returned to the farm. With yet another lie for Lori to bear, she had an emotional confrontation with Shane about his dishonesty. The scary thing is, Shane is completely oblivious of how he comes off to other people, and honestly believes that he is making the right choices, while also perceiving Rick and Hershel as doing the wrong thing. By the morning, Rick and Lori have reunited, and Rick disclosed what he had done overnight in order to protect what is his. The episode came to an end, with Lori telling Rick, that Shane sees her and the unborn child as belonging to him.

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