The Walking Dead: Beside The Dying Fire

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"This isn't a democracy any more."

Beside The Dying Fire saw the abandoning of the Greene family farm. As the large mass of walkers came to the farm, havoc was wreaked, killing some people, separating Andrea from everybody, and the group losing a home and the recreational vehicle. After being reunited, and then getting stranded in the middle of nowhere, Rick finally explained to everybody what happened with Shane, and the nature of the infection. Without a place to live, and being short on supplies, morale fell quickly, with only Daryl, vocalizing his respect for Rick. The part that made the least sense, was how Lori was upset at Rick for killing Shane, when it was only four episodes ago, that Lori was the one that wanted Rick to deal with Shane (here, take a look at the demented expression on his face as Lori pursuaded him).

With the group being on the move again, Rick's reluctant leadership pushed him into becoming more emotional, aggressive, and dominating. Earlier this season, Andrea had told Shane that he was not wrong in his decisions and actions, but it was his demeanour that put people off. As Rick put down the foot in his closing speech at the end of the episode, he essentially turned into Shane.

While Rick was trying his best to keep the group together, Andrea was stranded in the woods. She displayed a huge amount of endurance and survival skills, fighting off the walkers for all that time. Andrea has come a long way from being not allowed to hold onto a firearm, all the way to constantly getting headshots with a pistol. Shene's existence does not just live on through Rick's emotional deterioration, but also through the firearm training that Andrea got from him. Andrea's rescue introduced Michonne to the series, who from aesthetics alone, should prove to add plenty of conflict, once everybody is back together come next season.

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