Episodes: Series 2 - Episode 7

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"We need hot Matt. Not fat Matt."

This episode centered around the concerns of Matt's weight gain. It started off at a meeting of the higher-ups, followed by Sean and Beverly passing the bad news down to Matt, which Matt did not take well.

A little later, when Matt was on set picking up a donut, an awkward moment arose as Sean watched. Matt ended up throwing the donut at Sean anger.

The issue of weight came up, when Jamie was over at Matt's home. It got heated, which led to Jamie walking out on Matt.

Meanwhile, Beverly went out on a date with Rob. Keep in mind, that Rob is Morning's brother, and that Morning had an affair with Sean. There is a bad joke to be found here, but it is much less interesting than all the stupid amounts of screwings that have taken place thus far.

The emotions took a toll on Matt, which caused him to hit the fridge, especially after seeing a headline that said, "Matt LeBlob." It became even harder for Matt to endure, as he watched a video clip of a younger and slimmer version of himself.

At the end, Matt made the worst possible decision ever. He phoned up the survivor of the Make A Wish Foundation recipient turned crazy stalker, and got her to come over. So much for the restraining order.

While all this happened, "Pucks" continued to fail. Instead of making constructive contributions in improving the show, everybody was screwing each other, and proposing inane changes to the show. All these bad decisions keep taking a once quality BBC series, and push it even further down the route of an American lowest common denominator series with little thought put into it.

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