Episodes: Series 3 - Episode 9

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"Pick it up for six more."

It was only a matter of time before Castor got fired. Without his medication, his mental health deteriorated further. Not only that, his insane ideas also came out during a manic state as he spoke during a meeting in front of Elliot and the rest of the team. Even though Castor is very capable of speaking in front of crowds and taking on difficult questions, his own abilities were ultimately eclipsed by his madness. After jumping on the table, Castor's belongings were packed up and shipped out. There was not even a man of the year award or a speech from Matt.

Instead, Matt was off to get a new part in the NBC pilot. You have to admit, the Married With Children reference here was a nice touch. It is good to see that old role get acknowledged on Episodes. So it turned out that the whole thing with the read was still going to happen. Knowing the petty game of Hollywood stupidity all too well, Matt chose not to do the read, and just walked out.

While Matt was having dinner with Beverly and Sean, the three of them received phone calls. First it was Eileen. Next it was Carol. Both Eileen and Carol had read the unused script, wanted to turn the script into a series, and were both grovelling for the rights. Matt would encourage Beverly and Sean to put their cell phones away, only for him to answer a call from his own agent.

So Matt did get the part on the NBC pilot after all, and Merc told Elliot about it. Since Elliot had this absolute hatred of NBC, and Pucks was never officially canceled, he did the unthinkable. He ordered half a dozen more episodes of Pucks. Not because Pucks was any good, but it was to prevent NBC from getting Matt to do their new television series. As expected, Matt hated this.

After all the crap that Beverly and Sean had been through, it seemed like there was nothing left for them to do, but to go back home to England. Before they could get out of the house, they were hounded by both Carol and Eileen, both of which are self-serving women that wanted the script. This only made it that much easier for Beverly and Sean to want to go back to England.

As Beverly and Sean walked together late at night in London, it was as though everything had returned to normal. The nightmare was over. No more Pucks. No more affairs. No more American networks, just to name a few. Being back in London made it feel like the whole bloody thing never happened. In a sigh of relief, the couple told each other that they loved each other. As they finished kissing, Sean's cell phone rang. It was like an alarm clock beeping, and flashing the digits of a Los Angeles phone number. The phone rang as if to wake the couple up from their dream to welcome them back to their nightmarish reality. Beverly knew better. "Don't answer it. "Oh dear god, don't answer it." It was déja vu -- trying to leave and the door not staying open long enough. It was a case of front door ajar, all over again.

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