Episodes: Series 3 - Episode 4

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"I can't roll over at night."

One of the things that Episodes excels at, is in its non-stop mockery of all things Hollywood, audience, and social issues related. In S3E4, the show's primary target was the celebrities that find a way to worm themselves into every place possible, just so their faces can be seen, and for their latest projects to be given some free advertising. So when some natural disaster hit Peru, Episodes displayed its contempt for celebrities that use tragedies to further their own interests, under the thin disguise of helping the victims. Even Matt LeBlanc admitted to having been on some telethons for 9/11 and Katrina. Morning added that she was there for Exxon Valdez and Three Mile Island.

To put the age and plastic surgery jokes into a better chronological perspective, the oil spill took place in 1989, and the nuclear meltdown happened in 1979.

In the case of Matt and fame, he had a bit of a personal dilemma. On one hand, he knew that his best days were behind him, and wished that he could have just gone out on top. Yet, there was a part of him that wanted to continue working, and take on that role that was pitched to him by Andrew. Since Matt wanted out of Pucks, he really did not want to go onto Jay Leno's late night talk show to promote Pucks (translation: he wanted Pucks to die). When Matt heard that he would be coming out as the second guest on The Tonight Show, it made him rather upset. His overinflated ego thought differently, as Matt felt that he should be the first guest on the show.

Matt had to be reminded by Jay that, "Look, it's not Friends any more. It's Pucks." The bad feelings of coming out second were short lived, when it turned out that The Tonight Show was getting preempted, and Matt would not have to go on it at all, which made Matt happy. This reaction is expected, when Matt's role on Pucks was reduced, and he was not allowed to quit.

The other parallel plot of S3E4 centered around Castor's never ending troubles with his mental health. Back in S3E2, Castor had his medication adjusted, which now gave him the unwanted side effect of having a severe and near uncontrollable case of priapism. It was so bad, that when he was at his shrink's office, Castor had to put a cushion over his crotch.

At the offices, due to some kind of contractual obligation mumbo jumbo, Merc would make his return to the network to make a proposal for some new shows. The meeting would include Carol, Andy, Myra, and Castor. But Castor, despite having come into work, refused to come out for the meeting, as he was having trouble deflating his priapism. The meeting went on without Castor, as Merc pitched a bunch of idiotic ideas for shows, that were the same as the ones he shot down not too long ago. Not only did the man find everything out there to be awful, he was also no better at coming up with greater ideas of his own. When the meeting ended, he had to accept that Carol wanted to move on. As Merc exited through the parking lot, he noticed that Castor's car was there in the reserved named parking spot. Knowing that Castor had his old office, Merc went to bang down on it.

And yes, once again somebody was filming Merc at his worst.

While Merc was losing it, he resorted to his old ways of throwing that insult that nearly got him a lawsuit based around the mistreatment of gays. On the other side of the door, while getting told off, Castor overcame the side effects of his medication. Sorry, we can not go into any details, as we need to keep this website safe for those of you that are slacking off on your work computers.

Getting yelled at by Merc turned out to be not enough of a cure. Afterward, Castor got on an exercise bike to peddle the side effects away. He was sweaty, and dried himself off with a towel. He then handed that same towel back to Carol, as she was starting to cry from the incident with Merc. Just as they hugged, Carol's eyes widened. The look on her face said it all.

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