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"Yeah, I'd drive off that."

It is just so typical of Carol to say something like this. This time it was after Beverly pointed out that Castor was Carol's Thelma and Louise. It turned out that things between Castor and Carol did not just end with the awkward impalement from S3E4. Carol had to talk about how great she thought Castor was, while not knowing that Castor was at his shrink's office talking about this stupid woman that he had to hug. So just what is wrong with Carol anyways?

Carol is the sort of woman that tries to please everybody, as a means of her own self-preservation. In the process of doing so, she loses her own identity, and takes on the constantly changing thoughts and feelings of the people around her. As Carol has virtually no sense of self, she needs to rely on other people to be happy, in order for herself to feel the same. This is especially true in the context of people that have authority over her, which is why Carol is so mindlessly supportive of her bosses. When Salad announced that Merc was going to get fired, and offered her the job, Carol was reluctant to accept it out of some sense of loyalty to Merc. After getting out of a five year affair with Merc, it did not take Carol much time to get sexual with her new boss, Castor. There is something more than just sucking up manifesting itself in the form of sex with the boss. There is an admiration of the man, and Castor's negative traits are either a non-issue, or turned positive in the process of servile deference. For example, take Castor's priapism. Not realizing that it was even a problem for Castor, Carol unintentionally kept saying the word "hard" endlessly to him, as she consoled him after talking at the stupid critic cocktail. When Carol said that she was there for Castor for whatever he needed, he took her up and they went to go rock a car from the inside.

In the other tale of two wieners, resided Beverly and Sean. The contrast here was that whereas Castor was unable to get it down, Sean was unable to get it up. For Beverly to hear the sex stories from Carol was a real twisting of the knife. To Carol's credit, she did actually have a counselor (that also worked with couples), that she recommended to Beverly. Unbeknownst to Beverly and Sean, the counselor turned out to be a sexual therapist.

The counselor was basically useless, focusing on just about everything except for what was important. After enough session time had passed, Sean had come forward with what was the true nature behind his sexual dysfunction -- trust. By addressing this topic, no thanks to the incompetent counselor, the emotional wounds had started to heal enough for normalcy to make its return in the bedroom.

On the topic of normal, Jamie is the type of blind person that lies to herself that she can actually live something resembling a normal life, and that she can still appreciate things designed for the (normal) sighted. It was only after Matt pointed out that they were robbed of the paintings, then did Jamie start to actually react. All that time, she thought the paintings were still there.

Not wanting a rematch with Matt (title image), Merc caved in and returned the paintings. Or did he? Because Jamie wanted to pretend like she knew what was happening despite her blindness, she fooled herself into believing that she had scored a win against Merc, as she thought she got her paintings back. Just look at how happy she is, now that she can appreciate owning visual art.

Yes, it was harsh, but there are actually some blind people out there that are like this. More than you think, actually. So no, Episodes was not making this kind of a thing up, nor was it making fun of the blind. Rather, the show was making fun of stupid people who just happen to be blind too.

Pretending that things were all good was not an option to everybody else at the network and on the set of Pucks. Even after the move to Saturday night, and getting interviewed by the critics, Pucks found itself getting defeated in the ratings by some of the worst shows there are out there. All of a sudden, losing to the talking dog show does not seem so bad. So is Pucks finally dead, and will Matt get to jump ship to Andrew's new project?

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