Episodes: Series 3 - Episode 6

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"Man, we are just plowing through that family."

Somehow despite the plug being pulled on Pucks, things still got worse. The all too overly pleasant trio of Carol, Andy and Myra delivered the news, but without really saying anything at all. Just more standard meaningless crap that ultimately spelled the end. As usual it all came out way too positively, which only made the news sound that much less optimistic. Everybody knew that Pucks was dead, and were preparing to jump off the sunken ship. Stoke skipped filming to stay on the movie set, while Matt made an unsuccessful attempt to get onto Andrew's new show. Beverly and Sean waved the white flag in relief, as they had an outside lunch to the sounds of seagulls squawking. Morning mysteriously brought her much younger sister, Dawn, to work. As fate would have it, Matt would end up having sex with Dawn at his home.

Only problem (this side of Matt cheating) was, Dawn was not Morning's sister. Dawn was the daughter. In an attempt to maintain the illusion of youth, Morning had made a habit of introducing Dawn to everybody as her little sister. It was only after having sex with Matt, and blurting out the wrong words, did Dawn actually admit that Morning was her mother.

When Matt went home that night, Jamie could smell the stench of cheating. On the surface, this may look pretty tragic for Jamie, but what the hell was she expecting? It is not like Matt is the type of man that is known for being faithful. On top of that, when a relationship started with Jamie giving Matt a theater handjob lubricated by popcorn butter, there is no way it can end well.

But there may be a good ending for Pucks. Or is it more of a new beginning? While at the outdoor lunch, Beverly and Sean had met Eileen, who convinced Sean to give her the very awesome unused script. Eileen would then phone up Sean, and propose submitting the script to the FOX network, with the understanding that Beverly and Sean were done with Pucks.

One of the things that stands out about Eileen, is just how different she is from Merc. Eileen genuinely loves Lyman's Boys, to the point that she actually recognized Beverly and Sean. She even spent a year and a half in England, while doing her agent job, where she first saw Lyman's Boys. Thus far, at worst Eileen is just an annoying fanatic of the show who wants to see more of Beverly and Sean's work. Merc on the other hand, was full of nothing but lies from the beginning. It was revealed all the way back in the pilot, that despite what Merc had said at the BAFTA awards, he had never actually seen Lyman's Boys before. As time went by, it seemed like Merc really did not care about the show, and let it get bastardized in the worst ways possible. This does not seem likely to be the case with Eileen, as her knowledge proved her legitimate about the way she felt about Lyman's Boys. So is this what Beverly and Sean have wanted all this time, that they never got from Merc? Maybe having complete creative control over The Opposite of Us may be enough to persuade the couple to stay in America.

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