Episodes: Series 3 - Episode 8

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"Oh good, I could use a laugh."

Matt's latest troubles in life manifested in Episodes taking shots at a number of targets that needed to be made fun of. Greedy families. Gossip rags. Petty criticism of weight gain. Sex scandals. Illegal substance use. Rehab. Driving under the influence of alcohol. Financial worths. Invasion of privacy. Hollywood is such an awesome place to live in, and Matt was constantly reminded of it. With sixty million to his name, he still wanted to work. Hoping to return to NBC, the guy had such an ego that he actually felt insulted over the notion of him having to do a read. After all, this is the life of a has-been celebrity.

Behind the curtains veiled much more drama among the hidden faces of Hollywood. Carol found herself stuck in the middle of it all. After seeing that lunch meeting between Sean and FOX, Carol finally confronted Beverly over it. Not knowing what the hell Carol was talking about, Beverly had to ask her husband just what was going on. As promising as that script was, the Lincolns were just not for sale (despite the script getting into Carol's hands). So leave it to Carol to get in the middle of things again with her bosses.

Carol's boss, Castor, went to another one of his psychiatrist appointments. In complete typical mental health patient behaviour, Castor thought he was fine, and did not need the medication. Even when the psychiatrist thought differently, Castor ended up throwing the bottle of pills out of his car window. When Castor was off his medication, he found himself hit with extreme tiredom, lying on his couch.
When Carol attempted to engage Castor, he snapped. He blamed everything on Carol. Castor's true feelings of the network's mediocrity and Carol's poor performance came out. In order to save herself from Castor's wrath, Carol played the only remaining card she had left. She brought up that she had this really good script that could help the network. So much for caring about her friendship with Beverly.
At this stage, it only seems logical that Beverly caves in for Carol. From a storyline perspective, this would need to happen, in order to for the show to justify keeping the Lincolns stuck in Hollywood for some time longer. So even though Pucks was a disaster, and it coming to an end was a relief, the Lincolns may have been somewhat premature in packing their bags to return to England.

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