Episodes: Series 3 - Episode 1

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"Hold that thought, I'm just going to change the sheets."

Episodes is great when it comes to all the relationship and cheating drama that seems to have no limits. Since none of the characters are all that relatable, it becomes easy to just laugh at them as they screw each other to no end, and in how they deal with their poor decisions. As it has been about a year and a half since series two aired, here is a quick recap of all the relationships, affairs, and one night stands that have taken place on Episodes thus far to help you keep up:

- Carol had an affair with Merc for five years, waiting for Merc to leave Jamie, his blind wife.
- Matt had boned Beverly, Jamie, and the Make A Wish Foundation stalker.
- While Beverly was on a break (yes, that was a Friends reference) with Sean, she slept with Rob.
- Rob's sister, Morning, had slept with Sean. In other words, Beverly and Sean split up, and ended up dating a brother and a sister.
- Beverly and Sean seem to have reconciled. Beverly is aware of what happened between Sean and Morning, but Sean does not know of what transpired between Beverly and Rob.

After the events of the award ceremony, a few major changes took place. Carol finally dumped Merc, Morning left Merc for Matt, and Beverly and Sean went home together. Merc got fired, and Carol was hoping that she was getting promoted into taking Merc's job. Seeing the empty office gave Carol an emotional moment (title image) as she had flashbacks of their beautiful romance.

Meanwhile, Matt was dealing with his ex-wife unleashing some much deserved fury onto him, because Matt decided to invite his stalker over. Matt's response was to get Sean to write the e-mail for him. But Sean did more than that, as he tore a strip off Matt for his never ending self-destructive behaviours and told him to get help. Not surprisingly, it all went in one ear and out the other ear.

Since Matt is a galactic idiot, he only made things worse. While driving (with one hand) his kids, he got pulled over by the cops for speeding, being inebriated, and endangering his children. Despite the severity of these crimes, Matt still thought it was possible of him to convince the cops to just slap him on the wrist, by playing the celebrity and custody battle cards. When he was told to get photographed, Matt was not expecting that it would be for a mug shot.

Just when things seemed like they were comfortably returning to being normal between Beverly and Sean, something had to interrupt their happiness. In retrospect, maybe Beverly should have taken Carol's bad advice on lying to Sean. Maybe. Instead, Beverly went with sticking with the truth of her being with Rob, which spooked the hell out of Sean. It looks like they still have much to work through together.

This third series should see Matt's life spiral out of control even more. How ugly will it get, now that Jamie has hired Matt's ex-wife's ball cutting lawyer? Will Matt lose custody of his children, and finally obtain clinical therapy services for his reckless behaviours? Is that video footage of the fight at the award ceremony going to give Pucks the much needed publicity to compete against the talking dog show? And what is the new boss going to be like? Share your opinions and speculations on our facebook page here.

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