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"Is that still on?"

As usual, things were not going so well at Stage 32. One of the actors, Stoke (Howie), wanted to get some flex-time at the expense of everybody else. Stoke had landed himself a role in a movie that was headed by a severely overrated douche nozzle director. As the Pucks ratings sucked, giving Stoke the four days a week was seen as a good thing for Pucks, as it would give it some much needed publicity.

On Matt's end, he got approached by Stoke about career advice, only to get inadvertently insulted as being past his prime and stuck doing sitcoms. As fate would have it, Matt would get an opportunity brought to him first hand by Andrew, offering Matt a script and a potential role to play in a brand new NBC hour long series.

Intimacy problems between Beverly and Sean continued, especially after Carol unknowingly blurted out too much information over the speaker phone, with Sean being in the same room as Beverly. As the couple tried to learn to communicate with each other, they found Sean's inability "to get up and over" the past to continue to bother him.

The animosity between Matt and Beverly was reignited, after Matt proposed getting his character killed off, so that he can go and work on that new show. At this moment, Beverly got really nasty, insisting that Matt was going to get stuck with Pucks just like the rest of them, especially after Matt ruined Lyman's Boys by turning it into a hockey show.

Castor had went nuts on the writing team, by getting them to come into work at six in the morning. Castor was absent for the meeting, because of his dead dog. After leaving his own little crazy world (for just a moment), he proposed giving up on Pucks, and talked about hating dogs, but then he quickly back peddled, knowing that he had just made up the story about putting his dog down.

For what seemed to be the first time, Carol actually did something constructive. She stood up for Pucks, saying that it never really had a chance against that talking dog show, so Castor gave Pucks a new time slot to give it a better chance. When Carol went to give the news to Beverly, Carol thought it would be taken well. To Beverly, Pucks had ruined both Lyman's Boys and her marriage. Beverly thought it would have been best if she could just leave it all behind, and move back to England, where her (and Sean's) life would go back to being normal. When Matt walked in, he snapped, as keeping Pucks alive would also keep him stuck on the show. But somehow, when news got to Sean, he thought that keeping Pucks around was fantastic.

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