Episodes: Series 3 - Episode 2

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"Maybe we should try adjusting your medication again."

There is something that can be said about Matt's ability to dig himself out of a hole. For now, at least. Diane was right about his nasty vicious circle, and she should have stuck to not wanting anything to do with Matt. But Matt is also a persistent one. Not so much because he has perseverance, but because he has that unique ability to get things his way through his powers of persuasion. He may not have convinced the cops to slap him on the wrist, but he got Diane to go easy on him for driving drunk. All Matt had to do was to say the right words, and to take the butter out.

Fixing things between people do not come as easily for both Beverly and Sean. Despite Sean getting spooked out of the bed already, he ended up back on the bed, only to get spooked out again. For people that need to care, such as Beverly and Sean, there are countless things to get in the way of making progress in patching things up. So what did Sean do? He caved into Matt's probing, and told him about Beverly sleeping with Rob.

Now that Merc is out of Carol's life, she needed to move on. The relationship part was easy, but the career part proved to be much more difficult. Her words showed that she was the insecure type, that went the extra mile for the sake of self preservation, even if it could cause damage to the people around her. In her overwhelmed state, she barged into Merc's office and shot her mouth off, not knowing the new boss, Castor, was there.

Carol was left with a good impression of Castor, but she had no idea that Castor is a total nut job, who was medicated for what seemed to be multiple kinds of mental illnesses. While at the shrink's office, Castor made references to his contempt (just look at his teeth) for this one woman, being this mindless sycophant, that was willing to bend to his will. How long will it take Carol to realize that Castor was onto her from the very beginning?

At the end of the night, Matt had been kind enough to purchase a new mattress for Beverly and Sean to replace the old one. The couple loved it, and started to say good bye to their partner's lovers. Just when Sean made mention of Matt's wiener, the celebrating came to a stop, and they decided to just go to sleep, but not before saying "love you" to each other. The mattress may be a clean slate, but it came from Matt. How symbolic.

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