Canadian Idol Season 6: Top 8 Results

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The group song this week is The Who's "My Generation." It's not bad, exactly, but it is pretty annoying. Of course, the song itself is annoying no matter who sings it.

The most exciting thing that happens is Sebastian stands on the judges' table and sings "I hope you die before I get old" to Zack. No, I lied. The most exciting part is when Amberly sings right to Sebastian and he... does something to her with his eyes that I can't talk about in polite company. Now I want to be her even more.

So we pimp Zack's band a bit, and then we have the recap of last night, during which I realize I forgot to tell you that Mitch pronounced "Georgia" really, really strangely every single time he said it.

Gavin sings an acoustic version of his new single. It's pretty. Then Ben awkwardly interviews him and Gavin is all like, "You, sir, are an idiot."

Jully shows up at the Idol mansion for a bit. It's largely uninteresting, except for the part where she improvs a little song with Earl. Oh, Earl.

Finally, results.

Earl, Mark and Drew: Two are safe; one is not. I'm sure it's Drew. But it's Mark! Oh, ten points for you, Canada. Well done.

Theo: Safe, duh.

Mitch: Safe. I'm a little surprised, but not disappointed. He looks so much better when he shaves.

Sebastian: Bottom three. So going home.

Amberly and Mookie: These are the two I voted for most last night, and one of them's not safe. Thanks a whole lot, rest-of-Canada. Way to let me down. I'm taking your ten points away. The third member of the bottom three is... Mookie. UNREAL. ...Not that Amberly would have been any better.

Over to the judges. Farley says it was one of his favourite performance shows ever. Jake is a pain in my ass. Sass and Zack are as useless as ever.

Commercials. When we're back, Ben doesn't send someone back to the couches safe, instead just announcing that Sebastian received the fewest votes. I'll be honest, I'd gotten my hopes up a smidge that Mark might bite the dust, but alas, 'twas not to be... yet. One day, Mark Day will be toast. I bet it's Top 5. Sigh.

The weird thing is the utter shock and dismay from the crowd following the announcement of Sebastian's elimination – a collective gasp followed by dead silence until Ben finally suggests a round of applause for Sebastian. That was totally bizarre.

Oh, Sebastian. I'll miss you and your cute butt. Thanks for being around for awhile.

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