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The commercials advertising this week's episode imply that Annie is considering sleeping with Ty. After dating him for a week. Will she do it, so to speak? Or will her strict Kansas morals impede her becoming the zip's next uber-hussy? Let's find out!

The opening scene sure makes it look like Annie is on the fast-track to losing her V-card: she and Ty are hot and heavy on a bed. Oh, but the camera pans out, and we see that they're on stage. Seems Adriana has missed quite a few play rehearsals, and Annie is filling in as lead female until she's back. But Ty and Annie are also rehearsing for what comes AFTER rehearsal: a heavy-duty make-out session at the side of the stage - during which Ryan, Kelly, and Harry walk in on them.

Cut to the Wilson household. Harry, extremely distraught over seeing his daughter display her sexuality in a semi-public forum, is whining to Deb about it while she tries to convince him it's no big deal. When Annie gets home, she and Deb talk about the situation. Annie tells her mother that she likes Ty a lot, and Deb proceeds naturally – by initiating a sex talk.

The next day at lunch, Annie is eating lunch with Silver and Naomi, and the latter is encouraging her to sleep with Ty. Of course, she also alludes to Ty being a man-whore who has slept with almost every girl in school.

(The absolute best part of this conversation happens when Silver calls Naomi a "hobot". Excellent.)

Later that same day, Annie and Ty are running lines together. Annie has to stop suddenly because of "pre-show jitters." They discuss the impending play and after-party, and Ty lets it slip that he booked them a room at the hotel where it's being held. Annie stammers a lot. She's good at that.

At home that night, Harry is trying to convince his wife that they shouldn't allow Annie to go to the after-party, bringing up his illegitimate child as an example of what happens when teenagers make bad decisions. But Deb disagrees with him, arguing that Annie is a good girl who makes smart decisions. At that moment, Annie walks in, wearing an extremely skimpy, low-cut black dress. Funny, her father says nothing about that.

They perform the play without too many hitches, and afterwards, everyone is celebrating. Annie and Ty make out in the hallway, and then she sends him ahead to the hotel. Then she approaches Dixon and asks him for his condom – "the one he's had for five years." Dixon is shocked that Annie is planning on sleeping with Ty, and brings up Ethan. Annie tells him she just wants to be prepared. Y'know, I'm no expert, but I'm not sure a five-year old condom is going to prepare you for a whole lot. Maaaaybe an unwanted pregnancy.

Now that everyone is sufficiently uncomfortable, both Annie and Dixon turn to leave. In her haste, Annie crashes into Ethan on her way out, and drops the condom on the floor. He picks it up, and, upon realizing what she has planned, attempts to talk her out of doing it. He thinks she should save herself for someone who cares about her. (Translation: him, even though he's obviously still with Naomi). Annie says she tried that, but it didn't work out, then storms away. The next time we see her, she is knocking on the door of Ty's hotel room.

Cue suspenseful music.

Before we can find out how this situation ends, we have to revisit our drug-addled friend Adriana. She's back this week, and the pressure is on. She's the lead in the play, and she's missed many rehearsals. When she finally shows up, Brenda confronts her about it, and Adriana promises to try harder. But on opening night, her mom shows up and informs her that there will be three agents and two producers in the audience, watching her perform. Adriana freaks out and turns to drugs to deal. Unfortunately, fifteen minutes before the play is supposed to start, Silver and Brenda find her lying on a couch backstage, quite obviously very stoned. Brenda makes a snap decision and tells Annie that she'll be playing the lead instead. Not surprisingly, Adriana is not happy with this, and the look on her face indicates that, high or not, she's already plotting her revenge.

After the play, Adriana watches Annie's interactions with Ty, Dixon and Ethan, and then heads to the after party and straight up to Ty's room. She tells him that she saw Annie making out with Ethan after the play and that the two of them left together. Then, when Annie arrives at the room, Adriana answers the door wearing a towel, and hints that Ty invited her here, too. After a brief interaction with Ethan and Naomi in which she tells them that this Hollywood, friends-with-benefits lifestyle just isn't for her, Annie goes home and breaks down in tears in her bedroom.

Another couple who isn't having sex is Dixon and Silver. They are, however, a couple now. It all starts when the light tech quits the play. Silver, the stage manager, is freaking out, but Dixon saves the day by offering to fill in. The two of them proceed to flirt, and the whole thing ends with them making out at the after party. Dixon reaches in his pocket for his five-year old condom, and then remembers he gave it to Annie. Silver tells him that they're going to take it slow, anyway, and then they continue kissing.

Elsewhere in the valley this week, Naomi comes home from school to find her mother still in bed. They argue, and we find out that this has been going on for a week already. Naomi is fed up with it and tells Tracy that she's calling her father to help. Charles leaves his beach house and his girlfriend to lend a hand, but when he shows up, Tracy is up and looking fabulous. They talk, she slaps him, and then they have sex. Of course. Later, Naomi finds Tracy gathering Charles' clothes. She claims she's giving them to a homeless shelter and, contrary to what her actions indicate, she is filing for divorce.

Next week: The adults in Adriana's life who care about her well-being (i.e. everyone but her own mother) are going to confront her about her drug use; Annie will yell at Ty; and Dixon will punch someone in the face.

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swishy5 says...

I think the best line of the conversation (between Silver and Annie) is when Silver didn't know what an after-school special was and Annie told her to google it. Umm...who doesn't know what an after-school special is? That is what I want to know.

This show enrages me.

Sep 24, 2008 12:44pm

Ariana says...

When I was that age, I didn't know what an after-school special was. I think the point is that they don't have those anymore; it's kind of an old-school thing. (Ha, old-school after-school specials... oh I slay me.)

I still hate Ty so very, very much.

Sep 24, 2008 3:34pm

swishy5 says...

Oh. I assumed everyone knew what they were. Maybe they just don't get them in LA.

Sep 25, 2008 9:48pm

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