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Happy October!

All of the drama kings and queens in Beverly Hills are convening at the Pacific Coast Fashion Show – this includes nearly all of the main characters on our show.

Before I get ahead of myself, though, you need to know how everyone came to be at said fashion show. So here goes...

It all starts when Debbie's boss, Antonio, complains that he has no one to help him shoot this fashion show. So-and-so is out of town, that other guy moved away, what's-his-name is a jerk, blah-de-blah. The whole time, I keep looking at my friend and saying, "Maybe SHE can help". And alas, at the end of Antonio's rant, Debbie offers to help him. Thus, she is going to the fashion show.

Off-screen at some point, Debbie enlists Annie and Dixon to be her assistants during the photo shoot. Silver is tagging along, too, because she and Dixon are now attached at the lip.

In lit class, Ryan gives his students an assignment: they have to write a report about any career that they're interested in. Annie is planning on multitasking at the fashion show and just writing about her mom, and Ryan pairs her with Adriana, who is officially on drug watch by all the adults in her life except her mother. Neither girl is happy about this. Adriana is still pissed at Annie for "stealing" her part in the play, and Annie still thinks Adriana had sex with Ty. They glare at each other a lot.

In the cafeteria, Navid invites himself to accompany Dixon and Silver to the fashion show – in the hopes of being set up with Annie. Dixon gets all brotherly and threatens to "drop" Navid in the lunch line. It is a laugh out loud moment. At any rate, Navid is now going to the fashion show, too.

Naomi is still trying to fix all of her parents' problems. This time, she's pulling a parent-trap: she gets rid of Gail by "accidentally" letting it slip that her parents are still sleeping together, and then plots a way to get both Tracy and Charles to show up at the fashion show. Ethan, who is probably insanely desperate for his own story line at this point, helps by following her around and not saying anything.

Also present: Harry, Ryan and Brenda, who are there for the sole purpose of keeping an eye on Adriana. And maybe supporting Debbie, in Harry's case.

Okay. Now that they're all in the same place, drama can ensue. Here's how it goes down:

Annie is recognized by a producer who saw her in the play last week. The producer invites Annie to come audition for her new slasher flick, and Annie is over the moon about it. But wait! Adriana is standing off to the side looking all mopey, and Annie can't help but be nice. She tells the producer that she was really just Adriana's understudy, and Adriana scores an audition, too.

Later on, Adriana comes clean with Annie about what really happened with Ty at the hotel after the play. Annie is furious. She's already had a run-in with Ty and told him to never speak to her again. Oops.

Silver is approached by the show's sponsor, who tells her she ought to think about becoming a model. Initially, she's put off by the idea, but as the night progresses, she actually starts to consider it. Later on, the dude approaches her again, but this time he's far more aggressive and quite obviously hitting on her – he actually invites to discuss her "world domination" in his hot tub. Then he touches her, and everyone in North America collectively shudders – no one more than Dixon, who rushes over and stands between Silver and Creepy Sponsor Dude. CSD insults Dixon, and Debbie comes over and tells CSD that Dixon is her son. CSD asks who the baby-daddy is, and that's when Dixon punches him in the face. Huh. Guess that's what he meant by "dropping" someone.

Naomi, Ethan and Tracy are all hanging out near the bar. Well, Naomi and Ethan are. Tracy is hitting on a guy who looks like he's about half her age. Naomi realizes she needs to work fast, so she calls her dad and tells him there's an emergency that he needs to deal with. He rushes down, and as soon as he walks in, both he and Tracy realize they've been tricked by their teenage daughter. They yell. Naomi cries and then runs out, Ethan hot on her heels. (Note: Naomi's dad sounds positively robotic in this scene. I'm still trying to figure out whether it's because the actor who plays him lacks skill or because he really doesn't take this show seriously. I'm leaning toward the latter.)

The aftermath:

  • Annie bumps into Ty and apologizes to him for yelling at him earlier, explaining the misunderstanding. They decide to be friends for now.
  • Adriana, angry at the world, waits outside until her drug dealer shows up, then gets into the car with him. He holds up a bag of white powder.
  • Naomi realizes that her relationship with Ethan needs to end and breaks up with him. Ethan is supremely distracted by Annie the entire time he's being dumped.

I mentioned before that nearly all the characters were present at the fashion show. The most notable absence was that of Kelly. It's because she's still reeling from her phone call with Luke Perry earlier in the day. That's right, Dylan called. He's back in the States and wants to see her and Sammy – but not in Beverly Hills. This causes Kelly to swiftly end whatever she has going on with Ryan and start packing.

Kelly will be gone for two weeks, and Silver will be taking care of the house. I sense impending debauchery, how about you?

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sarahm says...

I'm glad the thing with Naomi's parents is basically done because I was having a pretty hard time caring about it.

Also, Ryan is waaaaaay to cool for Brenda (and Kelly for that matter). This seems to be a pattern with this show.

Oct 5, 2008 3:14am

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