The Amazing Race: We've Really Burned Bridges, For Sure

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Teams race from Burkina Faso to... wait for it... Lithuania this week. Random! Lithuania is one of those countries that no one can locate on a map and no one has ever been to unless they have relatives there, but where I would totally love to go. Off the beaten path!

There is some airport shuffling, but everyone gets there at virtually the same time on three different flights, with Ron & Chris the only team to deviate from the others completely. I was a bit "worried" for them, in the sense that I hoped they would get left far behind, but alas.

The teams complete a Roadblock in which they basically have to run around Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, looking for some people who give them stuff to deliver to other people, who give them other stuff to give to still other people. It's this last group that proves the most difficult to find, especially for Nic, to my utter dismay.

After the Roadblock, the teams are sent to hunt for a product-placed Travelocity gnome (I love Travelocity, but oh, how I hate that stupid gnome), which they are to carry with them to the pit stop. Then it's detour time, both sides of which take place within and around a traditional Lithuanian festival involving costumes and silly dancing. Teams can either walk what is probably a short distance but seems like a mile or two on stilts (if they fall off, they have to go back to the start), or correctly count 717 picket fence slats. That's not an easy choice, especially considering the distracting (on purpose) festival. After the detour is the pit stop.

TK & Rachel do well on the stilts and hit the mat in first place. They are THRILLED. They win a 10-day trip to Japan, which they are also THRILLED about. Huh, I guess we can assume they won't be going to Japan at any point during this race. The rest of the teams check in in short order, and fortunately for all of us, Nic & Gramps are saved by Nic's awesome math skills (737 – 20 = 717!), and the pretty awful (not "pretty, awful") Shana & Jennifer are sent home amidst a whole lot of snorfling.

Next week: Nate & Jenn bicker and yell! No, more than usual. And Azaria is an asshole to his sister. Also shocking!

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