The Amazing Race 13: Do It Like a Madman

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In this largely uneventful episode that barely shuffles teams around, teams are instructed to fly to Siem Reap, Cambodia. On the drive back to the Auckland airport, Terence manages to get a speeding ticket, in what I believe may be an Amazing Race first.

Despite most of the teams being spread out from each other by an hour or more, everyone except Ty & Aja gets bunched onto a connecting flight out of Singapore.

Those two spend the whole leg out of sight of any other teams, and never truly recover. In the end, they come in last and are eliminated (are we ever going to get a non-elimination?), but Ty says he's definitely going to move to L.A. to be with Aja, so it's a happy ending for them.

But before that, most of the teams are clumped within sight of each other all day throughout their tasks, so any rushing or falling behind they do is basically negated by the end.

First, teams take cabs from the Siem Reap airport to a marked gas station, where they are to hand pump 25 litres of diesel fuel into large trucks. These trucks then drive them to Siem Reap Harbor, where they take marked boats to a floating restaurant for their Detour clue. Terence & Sarah's boat breaks down and Terence has to help push them along the shallow lake with a big stick.

Detour: Village Life or Village Work
The village in question is built entirely on water. Village Life involves taking your boat to three different locations and retrieving items: a set of wind-up teeth from a dentist, a doll from a tailor, and a basketball from a floating basketball court (where each team member has to successfully make a basket before they can move on). The items are then to be delivered to a certain man at a certain dock.

In Village Work, teams are to find a nearby fishing ground and wade through waist-deep water looking for two nets full of fish. These are then delivered back to the dock and transferred into baskets.

Nick & Starr, Dallas & Toni and the Rat Boys choose Village Work, while Ken & Tina choose Village Life. Terence & Sarah mean to do Work, but run across the basketball court and decide to switch to that one instead. Both detours seem to take about the same amount of time, so the only team to really put themselves at a disadvantage is Kelly & Christy, who also see the basketball court and stop there to play the game--the only problem is that they haven't gotten the Detour clue yet, so they don't know why they're there. Eventually they manage to figure it out, but it bumps them back from the four lead teams and into a bit of a scramble with the Rat Boys.

From the Detour, the next clue sends teams to Angkor Wat, which is so cool and makes me rather jealous. Once there, they'll find--you guessed it--the Roadblock.

Roadblock: Search Temple
The Roadblocking team member must search the extensive grounds of Angkor Wat, the largest religious structure in the world, for a small room known as the Chamber of Echoes, where they will thump their chest so that it echoes throughout the chamber, then pick up their clue on the back of a stone tablet. Nick, Tina and Dallas take the Roadblock for the three lead teams, followed by Terence and Christy.

Nick is first to find the clue, which directs them to Bayon Temple, the Pit Stop for this leg. As he passes other teams on his way out, he lies and says he hasn't found the chamber yet. I'm all for this sort of misleading in this situation. Why not slow people down a bit if you can? It is after all A RACE.

Speaking of slowing people down, Tina keeps walking right past/through the chamber saying how blind she is for not finding it. Well, yes. Christy enlists the help of a local girl and finds the chamber just shortly after Tina finally figures it out.

Nick & Starr win the leg and are gifted with a trip to Saint John (presumably this one, since Phil talks about snorkeling, and I don't think that's as popular in Atlantic Canada as it is in the Virgin Islands).

Dallas & Toni are second, and Terence & Sarah arrive at virtually the same time in third. Ken & Tina are fourth, and Tina takes the blame for them losing out on first place this time around. Kelly & Christy land in fifth and seem either indignant that they weren't higher in the rankings, or shocked that they aren't sixth. I really can't tell. The Rat Boys hit the mat in sixth, one up from last, as usual.

At this point, I fully assumed it would be non-elimination, as they barely even made an attempt at suspense over whether Aja & Ty might make it ahead of the Rat Boys, but 'twas not to be, and though they don't seem to be hours behind or anything (who knows, maybe it was the next day), they are seventh, and they are eliminated.

Also, Terence & Sarah receive a thirty-minute penalty for breaking the law, and it will be applied to the start of the next leg. And Kelly & Christy continue to be incredibly catty, though I don't entirely disagree with their assessment of Dallas's hair.

Next week: Romance brews! You guess between whom.

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sarahm says...

Terence and his own reflection.

Oct 27, 2008 3:21am

sarahm says...

Ok, and. I never really fully appreciated how annoying Tina was until this episode. I mean, I know she's always been annoying, but it just reached new heights. I wanted to mute my TV whenever they showed her & Ken.

Also, Kelly & Christy. UGH. I think I probably would have laughed about the teen wolf thing if somebody other than them had said it.

Oct 27, 2008 3:23am

Ariana says...

Well they were just so bitchy about it. Like because they have pretty shiny flat hair, they are somehow superior to Dallas's giant hair. It's a funny observation, but it's funnier when said with a little bit of an "oh, Dallas" attitude, instead of an "ew, hair" attitude.I loved his comment about how he wonders what they look like without all the face paint.

Oct 27, 2008 11:58am

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