2012 Winnipeg Comedy Festival Coverage

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The Winnipeg Comedy Festival has been steadily growing, adding performers, shows, and days to the festival year after year. In 2012 -- now in its 11th year -- the festival stretched to 11 days, added a small town touring element, and expanded its venue base to all sorts of great little comedy spots around the city to go along with the big galas at Pantages and feature shows at the Gas Station Theatre.

This year, we were given the opportunity to speak with some extremely talented comics and performers who have more to say than just some info about their shows while in Winnipeg. From well-known names like Alan Thicke, Harland Williams, and David Steinberg to great working comics like Rebecca Kohler and Matt Kirshen, we had this year's festival covered. Watch, listen, and/or read all our interviews below:

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