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A beatboxer headlining shows at comedy festivals? That may seem a bit odd. However, once you see Beardyman (aka Darren Foreman) perform, you realize that the former back-to-back UK Beatboxing Champion manages to bring a lot comedy into his set. Much like U.S. comedian Reggie Watts, Beardyman brings you on a musical journey through his great beatboxing, looping, and improvisational skills, while also being pretty darn funny in the process (though Beardyman would point out that they're not quite the same, which is indeed true).

I got the chance to speak with Beardyman a few weeks ago, in advance of his feature performance at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal (tonight at midnight at L'Astral). He talked to me about his introduction to music and beat-boxing, his evolution towards performing in comedy settings, dealing with different audiences in different settings, and his first appearance on American television (when he was on Conan a couple months back). Definitely be sure to see him if you're in Montreal, and if not, seek him out online or elsewhere -- you're likely to be impressed with his musical creations.

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