SYTYCD Canada: 4 to 1

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It's all over. Did you watch it?

If not, click to drop below the jump and find out whether things ended as predictably as I predicted they would, or whether one of our Calgary Flames pulled out an upset (because you all know Natalli's not winning this thing).

And the winner is... Nico. Shocked. I'm simply shocked.

I voted my face off for Miles, but I really felt like I was trying to vote him into second. And for all my hard work, he still only made it to third. But since Allie and not Natalli was in second, I have no complaints.

What did you think of Wednesday's performances? Did anything thrill you? Did you notice Miles's screw-up the first time through? Those of us watching at my house didn't. When we realized he was crying, we had to rewind and watch the dance over. The whole time, we'd thought Natalli was the one out of step! Uh... that just goes to show what bias does to you as a viewer.

And what about the "favourites" chosen for re-dancing on tonight's finale? Were there any dances you missed? (I was hoping for a repeat of Nico & Allie's contemporary routine, but maybe it was too soon for that.) And what of Mia's outfit? AND HAIR, for that matter. And MARY'S hair, while we're on the topic.

What will you miss most while we wait for a second installment of this circus? And should Layuh-not-Leeah be brought back for a second season?

So many questions, so many questions. Let's see some answers!

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fujitam says...

First of thank you Ariana for adding SYTYCD to your already hectic writing schedule. I really appreciated reading your recaps and others comments!

I wasn't surprised that Nico won, I didn't think anyone could really touch him throughout the season. I thought Miles did really well, and I did notice his mis-steps the first time through, much to my horror, I was ready to cry with him.

I thought some of the favorites were missing, I agree about Allie and Nicos contemporary, as well as Nico and Lisa's Blake routine to When I grow up. There were also better numbers that could have been picked over Miles and Lara's waltz (or whatever that was) they had lots of strong routines, and I really thought there was too much emphasis on the ballroom styles. I was happy to see Nico and Arrasays theatre, Lisa and Vincents afro-jazz, and Lisa and Miles/Vincent and Natalli'scomtemporary, which all blew my mind!!!

Thanks again!

Dec 10, 2008 4:02pm

Ariana says...

It was fun! I'm glad you asked. :)

I have some conspiracy theories on the whole Miles-messed-up thing, but I'll spare you, because it's not like Nico didn't deserve the win.

The changes I want for next season though? Dispense of all the regulars: Leah, Tre, and Jean-Marc are all totally obnoxious. At least in the U.S. version, Cat is awesome enough that she redeems both Nigel and Mary.

And also, can we get Li'l C permanent citizenship in Canada? Because I want to keep him. He could replace Tre. Hee.

Dec 12, 2008 2:23am

Ariana says...

I think I mean "dispense with." Heh.

Dec 12, 2008 2:24am

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