Big Brother 11: Pimple Face (Ep. 3)

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After the nominations have gone up Chima hopes that volunteering as a pawn doesn't come back to bite her in the ass. Laura feels like she's dodged a bullet. Jeff feels isolated by his team because he had no clue who was going to go up and is upset because no one even tried to talk to him.

Braden hugged Lydia and she said "I'm not dead yet", putting up a brave front. Jordan came in and told her not to cry as Lydia cried, "It just sucks, you know". She felt like she was an easy target because of her appearance. "That just sucks". Jeff comes in to tell her she's not going anywhere and not to take it personally because it's just a game. Kevin comes in to console her, too. Chima notices how much attention Lydia is getting and starts to get worried because everyone is telling Lydia she has nothing to worry about.

Chima and Ronnie go into the storage unit. Ronnie asks if Chima thinks Jeff will vote against his team. She thinks it is possible. Ronnie reveals that he is a national champion at persuasive speaking and he won't let Chima go home.

Jesse and Russell realize that not everyone might vote they way they want. And if Jeff turns against his team things will be different. Russell feels like Laura is easy to turn their way because of the way she was talking earlier (she was complaining about feeling like a target and saying, "It's not my fault I have big boobs!" – I guess she forgot that it is her fault because she did choose to buy them) and Jesse tells Russell to go and scoop her up to the HOH room while the iron is hot. Laura jumps on the chance to join up with the athletes and tell them what she thinks they want to hear. Russell figures that the addition of Laura to their team makes them a powerhouse and that they will run the house.

Braden prances around in leather pants and then in board shorts and flippers. Ronnie thinks Braden is from another planet. Braden sprays down the girls with a watering can. "Stay clean chicken wing," he says. Braden is quite the strange character but everyone seems to like him. Russell thinks he is well liked, has a great smile, and is a good guy – and he could easily fly under the radar and win the game. That makes him a threat.

It is time to pick players for the veto competition. Jesse introduces it and the nominees for eviction join him at the front. The two nominees pull get to pull a chip and Jesse does as well. Jesse gets Russell, Chima gets HG choice and chooses Natalie (Michelle is insulted because she didn't choose someone from her own team), and Lydia picks Jeff. Jesse chooses Casey as the host for the comp. Lydia says she is playing for herself but in the end it is the two of them (her and Chima) against each other.

They step out into the yard to see a giant face with pimples and gooey pustules all over it on the ground. Everyone is pretty grossed out. "Is that my high school picture?" says Chima. Casey announces that it is what is inside that matters so they need to get those pimples popping. On "go" they have 10 minutes to pop the zits, reach inside the goo and pull out a letter. The goal is to spell the longest word correctly to win the power of veto. Chima thinks that being a freelance writer and having an expansive vocabulary is to her advantage.

Casey says "go!" and they start popping zits. The goo inside is either yellow or black. It's smelly, like cheese and eggs, they say. Lydia had the word civilization in mind and looked for those letters. One of the zits randomly pops into the air, spraying everyone with goo. Russell's goal was to pull as many letters off right away and then try to spell something. Chima was also going for a specific word – superficiality. Jeff's goal was not to embarrass himself. Jesse had a specific word in mind and he was first to close the lid and ring the bell. Russell was next and then Natalie. Lydia was really focused but Jeff rings his bell next. Chima rings her bell and finally Lydia just before the final buzzer goes off.

Results: Jesse spelled "continuously" and spelled it wrong. Natalie came up with "last". Please – she planned to be last in my opinion! Chima was trying for superficiality but couldn't find the letters. Russell spelled shotgun and spelled it right. With 7 letters he's in the lead. Jeff spelled "technotronics" and spelled it wrong. Everyone laughed because it isn't a word. Lydia spelled "civilization" but didn't get all the letters. Russell wins the power of veto with "shotgun" – 7 letters He says now he is "shotgun Russell the love muscle" and is thrilled with winning two competitions.

Upstairs in the HOH room, Russell, Jesse, Laura, and Natalie celebrate. They think Jeff threw the competition because he spelled his word wrong (but they don't think Natalie threw it by spelling "last"?). Jordan and Jeff are spending a lot of time together and Russell says that if Jeff is not on their side he's no use at all. Russell and Jeff are out in the yard working out. Jeff is on the elliptical machine and Russell is sparing. Russell starts running around the house yelling "technotroncis" over and over again and asks Jeff if he's just there to slide through. Jeff points out that Russell won with "shotgun". Russell is totally riding him and Jeff is calm for a little bit but then Russell starts to get to him with his yelling and verbal attack. The funniest thing is that Russell has no point other than the fact that Jeff couldn't spell his word and Russell thinks that he blew off the veto competition. Next Natalie looks at him funny (like the fight was his fault). She starts in about how Jeff isn't part of the team and he says no one consulted him about who was going up. Natalie says he's trying to slide his way through without putting blood on his hands and that if he wasn't on their team they'd have put him up. Jeff is starting to lose it. Finally the fighting ends.

Lydia says she will do whatever it takes to get off the block – including a shoulder rub for Russell. She tells him that next week is going to be flipped. Russell claims that it wasn't his vote – it was between Jesse and Natalie (and in case you've forgotten it was Russell that first told Jesse that Lydia was a threat). Natalie thinks she needs to convince the guys that she needs to stay so she can be an asset to them. Russell reminds her that things change from day to day so Lydia heads up to talk to Jesse. She asks why he would let Natalie dictate what he does. When Natalie comes up to say that she's going to bed Lydia confronts her and says that she knows that it was Natalie who put her up. Natalie back tracks. Jesse says that he didn't think Lydia's actions were sincere. Natalie and Jesse listen to her but now Lydia figures she needs to redirect their attention. She points out Jeff and Braden as the floaters – getting by with their good looks and likability. She's not sorry for out-gaming Braden. Jesse promises that they'll talk about it.

Lydia leaves and Russell comes back. Jesse says Braden is the one that is going scot-free. Jesse thinks that Lydia can be bargained with if they backdoor Braden. Natalie thinks that if Braden wins HOH next week he'd be likely to put up Jesse and/or Russell. Jesse says if they don't act know they will regret it. Natalie agrees.

Russell approaches Ronnie about putting Braden up and Ronnie agrees. Ronnie realizes that Russell is a loose cannon and promises not to tell anyone. Ronnie immediately goes to Jeff and Jordan and tells them that they are thinking about putting Braden up instead of Lydia. Jeff, of course, tells Braden. Ronnie says he can't say a word. Braden thinks it is a big joke and that Jesse and Russell are honestly worried.

Russell saw Ronnie talking to Braden and notices Braden sulking and then confronts Ronnie. Ronnie denies telling him anything. Russell says he is going to figure out who it is. Ronnie is worried now. Russell calls over Jesse for a chat and Ronnie lurks outside the storage room as they go inside. Russell tells Jesse what just happened with Ronnie and tells him that when he approached him he could tell that Ronnie was scared. Russell says that Ronnie has overplayed his hand and thrown himself into the line of fire.

Ronnie realizes that he made some bad moves and is nervous. Russell loves the power that is in his hands. Russell comes to the backyard and announces the POV meeting. Lydia is nervous. Braden is a little worried but says he'll take it like a man and step it up a notch if he is put up. Russell starts the meeting and gives the nominees the chance to say why he should use it on them. Lydia talks about her respect for Russell and says she adores him no matter what. Chima says she'd love him to use it on her but she will respect his decision. Russell chooses to use the POV on Lydia. Now Jesse needs to select a new houseguest. Jesse says "due to today's current events" Braden will replace Lydia as a nominee and is up for eviction. Braden actually thanks everyone! That Braden is an oddball but he's genuinely likeable though. It's my opinion that Braden will be the first houseguest evicted and I hope that something happens to change that. Russell adjourns the meeting.

Braden says that Russell read him wrong and that he's going to keep at it and not give up. Chima hopes she is still the pawn and won't become the target. Lydia is quite proud of herself. Jeff says his needs to fight the high school bullies –Jesse and Russell.

Who will be evicted? You'll have to wait until Thursday to find out!

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