Big Brother 11: How Well Do You Know the Opposite Sex? (Ep. 5)

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After the first live eviction, Casey observes that it should have been 6-4 to keep Braden. Michele also realizes that someone was lying to her and that Chima would realize that she had voted against her. Chima, Lydia, and the other aligned with the athletes celebrate and Chima says she'll never volunteer as a pawn again. Ronnie can hardly breathe and plans to blame Michele for the vote. Russell still thinks his alliance is under his control.

When Ronnie wins HOH he calls himself "Darth Ronnie" and everyone is excited because they ALL think that Ronnie is on their side. Jeff knows there is a rat though in his alliance so he's nervous. Laura suspects Ronnie of playing both sides as does Casey.

When the HG's go over the issue of who the rat is it leads to a big fight between Chima and Michele. Michele says Chima creates a lot of drama in the house and that's why she voted against her. Chima thinks that she should have voted with her clique no matter what. Jeff asks Ronnie if he's worried about who the rat is and Ronnie says that he's not worried because everything is going according to plan. Laura thinks that the rat is Ronnie and lays out pretty much exactly how it is working. She knows exactly what he's doing. Then Ronnie walks in and she immediately goes to hug him. Ronnie looks worried. Again, Ronnie points at Michele as being the rat.

Ronnie then goes to Jesse and Natalie and Russell. Russell realizes that Ronnie is playing everyone like a fiddle. Ronnie admits that at the end of the day he is playing for himself alone and says he had "big moves" in store for the week.

Ronnie, Kevin, Chima, Russell, and Natalie are in the spa room and Ronnie says that he's just playing the game and anyone who thinks they won't get lied to is stupid (he's essentially admitted it and everyone sits there and nods) and that she – Laura – is dumb to talk behind his back because now he has an excuse to put her up.

Time to see Ronnie's HOH room. There are pictures of his wife, his dad, his cat. He has a giant bubble wand and a DVD of legally blonde the musical. The bubble wand caused the biggest excitement from Ronnie though.

Ronnie joins some others outside and Jordan tells him she's upset because they had this whole plan and someone went against it. They went over again who voted against Chima and everyone – including Ronnie – says that they all did. Ronnie accuses Casey of scamming because he's pointing fingers and says that the one the points the most fingers it the one that lied. Casey says that Ronnie is laying the groundwork to put him up on the block.

Ronnie announces that in this competition two people will have the chance to see the advance screening of the ugly truth with Katherine Heigel and Gerard Butler. Everyone is pretty excited and inspired to win this comp. They head out into the back yard with the game show setting and a special host – Dan, the winner of BB10! Jesse immediately rolls his eyes (Dan was one of the leading people to get Jesse voted out in BB10). Kevin thinks Dan is looking good. Dan announces that they are splitting up into girls and guys to see who really knows the truth about the opposite sex. The guy and the girl with the most right answers will be the winners. Casey wins the round for the guys and Chima wins for the girls. This was one of those competitions where houseguest had to get dressed up in costumes according to their answers and I have to say that seeing Ronnie dressed in a gold lame bikini was not good television!

One clique still needs to be chosen as the have-nots and Chima and Casey have to decide. They can't pick the brains because they are HOH. Chima picks the Populars and Casey picks the Athletes so Casey suggests doing paper rock scissors. Chima says "You really want to go home don't you?" He says "What do you mean?" and she says "Well I'm on the right team and you're not" (basically telling him he'd better let her have her way or he could be in trouble) - he gives it to her and she picks the Populars.

After some lighthearted banter about Jeff's Chicago accent (when he says "bully" it sounds like "bowly") it is time for more game chat in the HOH room. Jeff, Casey, Laura, and Jordan try to convince Ronnie to put up Russell and Ronnie says that backdooring him is his only option. That means putting two pawns up and hoping one of them wins the veto. Jeff says that he needs to put one of the Athletes up as a pawn. Ronnie is really stuck between a rock and a hard place. Now he talks to Jesse and Natalie and they promise him that Russell will not put him up if he gets HOH. Ronnie and Natalie leave and Russell comes up and Jesse tells Russell that everyone is telling Ronnie that Russell is going to put him up. Jesse tells Russell they are all in this together and he shouldn't even worry about it.

Ronnie finally has to put someone up for eviction and stop making promises to everyone. Everyone is nervous because no one is really sure whose side he is on. His decision is based on whether he should play it safe or shake up the house. Which will he decide?

The nomination ceremony begins and everyone takes their place around the table. He passes the keys to the brains as they are automatically safe. He says he promised his wife and himself that he would play strategically, not personally. Jordan is the first one safe. She pulls Casey's key and he is safe. Casey pulls Lydia's key and she is safe. Lydia pulls Natalie's key and she is safe. Natalie pulls Jesse's key and he is safe. Jesse pulls Kevin's key and he is safe. Kevin pulls Russell's key and he is safe. Jeff and Laura are up for eviction. He says he respects them both as people and competitors and that is why he put them up – to give them the opportunity to prove themselves by playing for veto. Ronnie says that he's put Laura up because she is the only one that might put two and two together and figure things out and Jeff because he is the pawn. But if things go according to plan it is Russell that will be talking to Julie next week.

But you know how things change from minute to minute in the Big Brother House. Will Laura or Jeff manage to win veto and if they do will Ronnie really put up Russell as a replacement and backdoor him? You'll have to wait until Tuesday night to find out!

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