So You Think You Can Dance: Weekly Roundup

So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Top 20 Week

Ahh, here we are. Back for another season of insipid Lay-uh Miller and her merry band of over-congratulators. More blonde highlights, more flatirons, more pot-smoking backstage (I look at you, Blake), more terrible costuming choices, more awful camera work, and more of Jean-Marc's VERY INSANE DANCER list. Oh joy.

But I, like you, am hooked on SYTYCD in all its forms, heinous as they may prove to be at times, because every now and then a dance number comes along that brings me such joy that all the bitching proves worth it. Actually, come to think of it, I sort of love all that bitching. It's cathartic.

This week, the first week of the Top 20, we lost two of the best dancers, and for no apparent reason. Do you all remember how last year the judges never gave a reason for why they were kicking a dancer off either? It is SO WEIRD, and probably the most aggravating element of the Canadian version of this show.

Taylor has been one of my favourite guys since the auditions -- he's unique, charming, and quirky -- and I thought his solo was the strongest on Wednesday night. Between Austin's frantic flailing, exaggerated tricks, and questionable jumps, and Vincent forgetting to dance... at all, I couldn't understand why one of them didn't go instead. And as usual, the judges gave us no explanation whatsoever. Even if you're making up a reason, I don't care! Give me something!

As for the girls, it seemed obvious to me that Tatiana was by far the best soloist of the three, even speaking totally objectively. Not only that, but her purple vinyl pants took some serious chutzpah to even consider, let alone dance brilliantly in.


Also, one more thing: Paul Becker -- HORRORS! I thought, when he didn't show up at all during auditions, that perhaps we were entirely free of him this year. But no, he's here, bringing us martial arts (on a DANCING SHOW; why does this KEEP HAPPENING?) in officewear and lingerie, and being a pain in my ass in so many other ways.

But tell me your thoughts -- how horrified are you by Emanuel Sandhu's inclusion in this group and why? Or are you one of the people sucked into voting for him by his so-called fame? (Or is it his awesome partner winning him votes?) Do you find Nicolas as adorable as, say, a small, dancing golden retriever puppy? Which one of the girls has won you over completely? And am I the only person who thinks Corynne looks like a Disney princess come to life?

Oh, and yes, I'll be here every week recounting the week's SYTYCD adventures -- Canadian and American.

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swishy5 says...

I missed the results show, mainly because I am stupid, so I really have nothing to comment on. As to your questions, I was surprised and somewhat regretting the inclusion of Emanuel Sandhu, however, I think it wasn't a bad call. First, he is a nice tall partner that will compliment Kim well, I think. Second, his attitude seems to be much different this year. Not quite such an ass-hat. Third, I just watched this week and he was good! I mean, even if you question his dance, you will have a hard time denying that he knows how to perform. I am sure having the awesome beauty that is Kim as a partner will help in the vote department.

Nicolas is amazingly adorable. Plus, I love saying the name NICOLAS...I'm strange that way.

I am not entirely sure if I have a favourite girl, but Corynne may be a Disney princess on the loose.

Sep 1, 2009 11:22pm

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