Bones: The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (S05E04)

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Picture a chic suburban luau block party: Stepford wives and sexy landscape boys, playboy husbands and rebellious teens... all dressed in coconut bras and grass skirts, cooking a giant pig over a pit. The pig is lifted out to check its temperature, and down in the smoldering pit they find a body, complete with aviator shades.

This episode mocks crazy suburbanites, allows Hodgins to shine with field work and evidence, and reminds us that Booth has a kid! Also, I actually enjoyed the "Zach's replacement" intern story this week.

I particularly enjoyed listening to B&B chat about the insane residents of the suburbs. While thinking about motive for murder, they realize that suburbanites are not like normal people. They will burn down a neighbors house simply because he was cutting his lawn diagonally – so cooking someone in a pig pit could have been revenge for... anything really. Not to mention the fact that everyone is sleeping with everyone, and making extra cash by selling sex toys out of a garage. Watching Booth's bewilderment over the lives of these people was extremely entertaining.

Hodgins had a lot of field time in this episode, which led to him making many discoveries throughout the investigation. He had some great moments, like being so excited to be digging through a charred pig pit for "pebbles", finding a lot of blood near the victim's windmill, and yelling to Booth in front of the whole neighborhood "He was definitely killed with this signpost!" I love Hodgins. He seriously needs a cool character arc soon.

In the lab, "Zach's replacement" Arastoo (remember the Muslim guy?) is back. Cam has him sorting through the pig/human bones, andwhenshe realizes that it may be "unclean" for himshe starts apologizing and insisting that he can do something else. Arastoo snaps at her that he's "a scientist like everyone else", and accidentally drops his fake accent! Cam is blown away, and proceeds to tell Brennan and Sweets. There are some funny moments where he goes back and forth between accent and no-accent, depending on who is in the room.

Eventually, Sweets talks to him and convinces him to be himself, and Arastoo drops the accent altogether – he explains that when it seems like he "just got off the boat", people question his religion less. It's hard to be a USA-born Muslim who is devout; a lot of people don't understand or are afraid. And he explained all of this in a way that seemed funny and interesting... woo Bones writers! Good work there!

Parker, Booth's son, makes an appearance in this episode... basically to remind us that Booth does indeed have a son, and that Booth still does not have a girlfriend (or a "fulfilled life"). All Parker wants is to swim in a pool, he doesn't care that his dad ain't getting any.

The murder is solved, turns out the victim was killed by three of his neighbors because his windmill was a squeaky eyesore. Poor guy just wanted to save the environment by using wind power. Remind me never to live in the suburbs.

Oh, and apparently David Boreanaz might have swine flu! Yikes! Get better, Booth!

Booth: If this turns out to be some sort of sexual threesome revenge thing, it's gonna get complicated.

Brennan: I warned you about the suburbs.

Booth and Sweets are talking in Booth's office:

Sweets: "Okay"? That's it?

Booth: No, I just don't want to talk to you about it anymore (leaves)

Sweets: (Goes to sit at desk, stops) This isn't my office...

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