100 Questions: Are you Romantic?

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After three episodes, it has now become safe to say that this show is of poor quality, and it will not likely get renewed by NBC. There is not a lot that the show does right. The characters are not interesting, the writing is bad, and the comedy is lacking. 100 Questions seems to want to focus more on cramming in as many bad jokes as possible, in order to cue the laugh track. Sadly, a lot of these jokes are dumb, out of context, and end up taking more precedence over the characters and the plots.

It would help if the plots were at all worth watching. In "Are You Romantic," there are three plots that take place. First, there is Charlotte attempting to go out of her way to prove that romance comes with difficulty. This plot of course, turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy, complete with unintended interference from other people, and the date turning into a nut job that is still bitter at his ex-wife. The second plot involved Mike trying to scare Leslie. It is every bit as bad as it sounds. Actually, it is worse, as at the nadir of it, the show's writer thought it would be funny for Mike to be able to see Leslie's naked grandmother as he hid behind a bathtub curtain. And the third plot, at the request of Jill, Wayne pretended to be a firefighter in her class, only to be foiled by a young student. After this happened, Wayne convinced all the children that there is actually some value in being unemployed, and living off a friend's couch, to the dismay of Jill. There is not much else to say about this episode, as it does not prompt further analysis. 100 Questions fails completely at being subtle, clever, or to possess any depth for any after the fact appreciation.

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