100 Questions: Have You Ever Dated A Bad Boy?

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This show is just awful.

The characters are all idiots, and not the type of idiots that are enjoyable to watch. These are the type of idiots that make the viewing experience painful. 100 Questions producer and supporting actor Chris Moynihan, has made it quite clear that he is the source of the problem. Moynihan, plays Mike, the show's idiot king. Book smart, but inept in every way imaginable, he makes this show worse than it already is. The intention is for Mike to come off as the underdog and lovable victim, but the end result is him being annoying, and adding nothing but bad turns to the show.

Take the plot of "Bad Boy." Charlotte dates a bad boy, who gets a tattoo of her. Meanwhile, Mike gets upset at his best friend, Wayne, for a harmless incident from twenty years ago, and this is where the plots entwine. Out of resentment, Mike decides he wants to find himself some new friends, and he chooses Charlotte's new boyfriend and his biker buddies, to take over Wayne's sleeping area. Only problem is, Charlotte wants to break up with her new boyfriend.

Her solution?

Charlotte and her stupid blond friend tell the boyfriend that Mike is dead, and she needs some alone time to mourn his death. And somehow it gets dumber. They even have a fake memorial, the bikers all get tattoos to honour Mike, everybody gives eulogies, whilst Mike is listening in on everything. The ending of the show consists of Mike and Wayne reconciling over the heartfelt fake eulogy, leading to the two of them riding a scooter together. And that's the summary of the show, minus the bad jokes on beer on the floor, mistaking somebody's sexual orientation, tabasco sauce as a sanguine replacement in a blood brother handshake, and accidental genitalia exposure story, just to briefly state how badly written this show is.

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