100 Questions: Have You Ever Had A One Night Stand?

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Like all the episodes, "Have You Ever Had A One Night Stand" starts with Charlotte at the dating service, sitting opposite of Andrew, asking her a question. The intent of Andrew's character is supposed to be for him to add a flamboyant humour to the show. He succeeds at being flamboyant in every way possible, but comes off as more annoying than anything else. The show is packed with silly one-liners, but due to Andrew being a caricature, he is just plain irritating. He is hard to watch, even though his role is just in asking Charlotte one question, and in this particular episode, it is about Charlotte having a one night stand.

This leads to the main plot of Charlotte having a competition with Wayne, on who can have a one night stand first. After somebody catches on fire at a bar, Charlotte ends up expressing interest in a firefighter that arrived on scene to interrogate witnesses. But for a self-defeatist like Charlotte, nothing is ever easy, especially since she has to pretend to be somebody that she is not, with difficult feats such as pretending to be vegan, and liking yoga, resulting in her hurting her neck during yoga. And somehow, her equally as idiotic friends take part, going with her to the vegan restaurant, and attending yoga as well. But this kind of hilarity would not be complete without the subplots of Leslie believing that she has witch powers, and Mike proclaiming that he does not date models, only to concede that it is the models that do not date him. Yet, Wayne turns to Mike in his pursuit of a model, in an attempt to win his competition against Charlotte.

After rubbing a carrot all over her neck, and unintentionally putting off the vegan firefighter with her presence of animal product in her apartment, Charlotte concedes defeat by drinking until she passes out at a bar. As Wayne is about to victoriously leave the bar with the model, he notices Charlotte in her inebriated state. This cuts to the next scene, which attempts to be heartwarming, showing Wayne carrying Charlotte back to her apartment, laying her down on her couch, as they tell each other that they are better than one night stands.

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