Canadian Idol Season 6: Top 16 Performances Pt. 2

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This is bittersweet for me. Most of my favourites are playing tonight, but I know that (allegedly) three of them will get booted, and there are only two I wouldn't miss (the girls, of course).

Ben's still overexaggerating the Top 10 thing, so I'm holding out hope it's not true. I realize everyone has to go home eventually, but the longer I can keep some of these people around, the better. Mostly I just want to keep a disproportionate number of tonight's performers.

Mitch is tonight's first with The Jayhawks' "Blue." It's well done (albeit with some sketchy falsetto) and typical Mitch, but I wish he would have gone for something more exciting and/or familiar on this particular night. The judges agree with me.

Man, what is up with Ben this week? He's all twitchy and stumbly. Maybe it's wedding stress.

Gary does "House of the Rising Sun," and as far as I can tell, he's doing the Gary Morissette version. I think it's super cool, and the judges liked his passion, though they call him out on his growling, which is fair enough. Gary blinks a TON when he's singing.

Katelyn's singing "Zombie" by The Cranberries. It's not perfect vocally, but it's the only performance of hers I've liked so far. There's passion in it, even if she doesn't quite pull the rock thing off that she's going for. The judges are torn on whether it was a good song choice for her.

Oliver is doing "Lean On Me," which is an interesting choice for a number of reasons. I wish I could be inside his brain when he's picking his songs, because so far I'm not really following his train of thought. He of course sings the song soulfully and passionately and looks good doing it. It's one of the nicer versions I've heard of it, actually. The judges love his authenticity, of course. Jake wishes he would have pulled out the harmonica, and Oliver starts chuckling and glances over at Sebastian in the lounge... You'll find out why in a minute.

Sebastian is sex on wheels. I mean... Sebastian is singing "Bring It On Home To Me," wearing a tux with the bowtie undone and the shirt unbuttoned just a bit. I was sure he couldn't top last week's performance, but he may just be outdoing himself here. And then he busts out a harmonica! Ha! Priceless. He also plays the hell out of it with his hips doing their Sebastian hip thing. It's a lot to take in. He's pretty pleased with himself, and to say the judges are as well is an understatement. Farley calls him a sex symbol. Um, shyeah. Zack confirms what the rest of us have known for years: that this isn't a singing competition at all. And then he hits on Sebastian again, some more. Ben gets inappropriate with him as well, some more. Everyone is smitten with this guy, I'm telling you.

Sidebar: Last week, in one of those product-placement interview things, Oliver made fun of Sebastian's girl pants from Top 24 week. I told you they were bad.

Earl (so much awesomeness all in a row here!) does "Like a Rolling Stone" in typical Earl style. He has such a cool voice – he rocks out and his range is crazy, but it's so effortless. I hope he's not toast tomorrow night. The judges loved it. Ben asks Earl who choreographs his moves, and Earl says "some crazy leprechaun." Of course. Earl's hair is continuously improving week by week, by the way. If he makes it through a few weeks of Top 10, he could become a certified hottie.

Katherine sings "Love Is a Battlefield." She has a strong, cool voice and a lot of talent, definitely, but I find her a little awkward on stage still. The judges totally loved it, front to back.

Drew has chosen "The Reason" by Hoobastank for tonight. Really? Have we recovered from 2004's rampant overplay yet? I really enjoyed the performance, because I enjoy Drew's vibe in general, but his vocals weren't in the pocket enough, and overall it was too calm and should've rocked harder. He looked hot, though, so five points for picking a good outfit. Zack doesn't think Drew's a rock star, and Drew's disappointed at this. Jake basically calls Drew cute; I doubt Mandi disagrees. Sass calls him a perfect person, for some reason. OH. Wow, I missed that one the first time around. Ben's found a "Vote for Drew" cookie somewhere and tries eating it while he reads Drew's numbers, only he can't because his mouth is full. Ben gives me a headache.

Tune in tomorrow, when my heart will surely be broken at least once or twice.

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metal2000 says...

Mitch was disappointing; Gary's cool and rocks hard (which is good), but his style of Creed/Seether singing gets on my nerves most of the time; Drew made a bad song choice; and I'm generally not feeling the Earl vibe (maybe it's cause he keeps doing songs I don't like very much).

I liked Zack's way of looking at it: who would he pay to see in a concert right now and know he'd have a good time. For me, that'd be the Pigotts, Mookie, and Amberly -- and maybe Mitch (if he stuck to more acoustic-based stuff), Omar (if he stuck to Motown), and Katherine (if she stuck to 80s tunes). But I really hope the first 4 end up being the Top 4.

Why am I commenting on Canadian Idol so much? What is WRONG with me?

Jul 9, 2008 6:48am

mandi says...

Good call. I don't, in fact, disagree that Drew is cute.

I have finally decided that if we only need one Pigott in the top ten, it won't break my heart if Oliver goes home tonight. (Though I'm 99.999 percent sure that's NOT going to happen). He simply doesn't entertain me enough. That said, I would greatly prefer it if he stuck around and Gary got sent packing along with the two girls. (Seriously, Gary, you promised us FUN.)

Jul 9, 2008 10:07am

Ariana says...

I think that's the best outcome I can imagine from this scenario, Mandi. I would be devastated (DEVASTATED! It is THAT SERIOUS!) if either of the Pigotts or Mitch went home.

Paul, I like your Top 4. I'd be ok with that for sure.

Jul 9, 2008 12:48pm

ladyjbug says...

I think the background singers are the most devastating part of the show. I wish we could boot them off!

Jul 9, 2008 5:59pm

craftnscrap says...

Ok funny thing is that my comments while Sebastian was singing were, "He's so hot." and"He's sexy as hell!" Oh and "I wish my sister could meet him."

Jul 11, 2008 3:45am

Ariana says...

And that is why I love you... Although I think I would probably be rendered completely speechless and motionless in his presence. I'm pretty sure that's too much sexy for one person to handle.

Jul 11, 2008 5:16pm

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