Canadian Idol Season 6: Top 7 Performances

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Tom Jones! British Invasion! Or UK Hits! Whatever we're calling the theme this year. Tom Jones is orange and stretched.

Mark's singing "Bleeding Love" by... your choice. I guess Leona Lewis, in order to make this a valid choice under the prescribed theme. I like this song, which means I'm not happy Mark is singing it. Tom says some nice things about Mark, and then he sings. It's not as melodic as the song requires; he's not in the right key – or any decipherable key, for that matter – so you can barely recognize the song, and the awkward karaoke instrumentation is not really helping. His makeup is too orange, also.

The judges thought it was ok and that he's showing more confidence, but that it wasn't necessarily a winning performance. Zack makes an inappropriate joke. I need a macro for that statement.


Tom Jones likes Mitch because he's unique and he knows how to use who he is. Mitch is singing John Lennon's "Jealous Guy" and wearing bright red pants. I like them better than the pants he was wearing last week, so red or not, it's a step in the right direction. It's good overall, but not as interesting as it should have been. Sass opts to call this "consistency." The other judges talk a bit about oversinging and how they didn't love, but didn't hate, what he did with the song. Like I said - overall, uninteresting.

Tom counsels Drew on how to use his versatility while maintaining the core of who he is, and it's very wise advice. Drew says he's doing something right in his comfort zone tonight – Radiohead's "Creep." He's got his hair off his forehead (HOT) and is playing guitar (MORE HOT) and also singing really well (MOST HOT). He's also got the hoop back in his nose, so even further with the hot. He plays with the melody just enough to keep me interested, but doesn't take it anywhere unrecognizable. And then when he hits the chorus! Dudes! His voice! I've never heard him sing so well and with such passion. DREW CONVERT. I have to rewind and watch again. The judges also appreciate Drew's passion and pipes.

Theo wants advice from Tom Jones on how to work the stage and the crowd, and he seems to get some. Theo's singing "You Had Me" by Joss Stone, without an instrument. He seems slightly uncomfortable with the stage-strutting, but he does an admirable job, though I personally could do without the blue leather jacket. Blue leather! Honestly. But a good song, and a typically good Theo performance.

Zack, like me, thinks Theo could very well win. Jake too. Oh hey, and Sass. Farley doesn't go that far, but he does love Theo. I love when everybody jumps on the train I'm conducting.

Oh man, so Tom meets Mookie, and he goes, "That an unusual name," and Mookie, HAND TO GOD, says, "It's not unusual." ONE MILLION POINTS TO MOOKIE. Tom thinks Mookie means business. He's singing "Lola" by The Kinks. It's typically awesome, and there's an extra playfulness in the performance that we don't usually see from Mookie. I need people to vote for Mookie, seriously.

The judges love Mookie and know he'll be a rock star no matter what happens on this show, but they hope people vote like hell for him. ME TOO.

Amberly is singing Corinne Bailey Rae's "Put Your Records On," and is a little nervous to be singing without her guitar tonight. Tom's recommendation is just to keep doing it more and more until she's comfortable with it. Her performance is very good, of course, with excellent vocals and perfect pitch, but she, like Theo, lets her discomfort without an instrument show a little. Ah well, it takes time, I suppose.

The judges laud her song choice, her pitch, and even her comfort on stage, so we differ on that a bit. And here's Zack with the inappropriate comments again.

Earl Hotness Alert: FIRE ENGINE RED. He's in all black with skate shoes and a skinny green tie, sitting on the edge of the stage to sing Eric Clapton's "Change the World." He wanders over in front of the judges and sings right into the camera before hopping up on stage. I totally love this. It's typically spastic in that Earl way, but his eyes are open more than usual, and he's just singing it like himself without trying to be Eric Clapton. This is what Tom Jones said he liked about Earl too.

Farley likes Earl's hip-hop vibe. I don't know if that's exactly what I'd call it, but ok. Zack and Jake talk about the amazing discoveries they've made on the show this year, and Jake specifically calls out Earl, Mookie, Amberly and Theo. HEY, it's my chosen Top Four! I'm such a genius.

Recap: Mark, and then awesomeness. VOTE MOOKIE. I don't know who's going home this week, but I hope it's Mark, though I fear for both Mookie and Mitch.

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Original Comments Posted (5)

swishy5 says...

The orange helps to preserve him. That is my theory anyway. I'm not sure if it is working though. It mostly just makes him look non-human. Also, I always thought Tom Jones was American.

I really like Joss' "You Had Me" and liked Theo doing it. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH (minus the blue leather jacket)!!

Yay Mookie!

p.s. Has Ben entered a whole new level of stupid, or is it just me?

Aug 4, 2008 10:48pm

mandi says...

How fricking much did I love Mookie's song choice. A LOT, that's how much.

Also, Drew. I knew people would see the light eventually.

I voted for Mookie for you. And for Earl and Drew for me.

Aug 5, 2008 1:05am

ladyjbug says...

Interesting! I just watched the video performances of the show. I agree with everything, and find it very disturbing that I have sung 6 out of 7 of these songs at karaoke, some quite regularly!

Mark needs to go home already.

Aug 5, 2008 1:58am

metal2000 says...

"Creep" is a karaoke (and Rock Band) regular for me, and though I love Radiohead's version, I actually saw Ingrid Michaelson (call back to last week!) perform it live in March and fell in love with her version. It conveys the perfect emotion from the song -- not just singing about being unworthy, but feeling it. Drew kicked the ass of the bridge (good choice not sticking to the usual falsetto for that part that Thom Yorke and others covering it do), but wasn't "desperate" enough during the verse.

Once again, Amberly picks a song I really like. She's a little uncomfortable sans-guitar, but I'd still marry her.

And Mookie singing a song about finding out the girl you picked up at the bar is a dude on an Idol show? Awesome! :P

Aug 5, 2008 4:57am

metal2000 says...

Oh yeah, check out Ingrid Michaelson's cover:

Aug 5, 2008 4:59am

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