Canadian Idol Season 6: Top 6 Results

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Tonight's show can be divided into 5 stages: the group performance, a really bizarre recap of what happened last night, a performance by Simple Plan, a question and answer session, and the results.

Group Performance

They're doing Sloan this week! The song is "Money City Maniacs," and it starts with Mitch and Mookie standing together at the front of the stage, all tall and dressed in black and adorable and armed with guitars. They open the song, and then Drew joins them, jumping onto the stage from a ledge at the back. Theo and Amberly come onstage from out in the crowd, and the five of them sing together, causing me to wonder – and ask my cat – where Earl is.

And then he's there. He comes out of nowhere, and totally rocks the two solo lines he's been given. I got shivers from it. How often does a person get shivers from two lines of a Sloan song, I ask you?

Last Night's Recap

I honestly thought my TV was acting up. Ben announces a refresher on what happened last night, and then all of a sudden, there are the dudes from SportsCentre. Turns out they're doing the recap tonight, sports highlights style. There is a slow-motion replay of Theo kicking over his piano bench, and other than that, zero sports analogies. I'm not quite sure what they were going for here, but I'm certainly not sold.

Simple Plan Performs

This week's mentors are rocking their latest single, "Your Love is a Lie". Pierre Bouvier is wearing what appears to be a girl's shirt (pink hoodie with ¾ length sleeves). Also, there is a strategically placed mass of screaming teenage girls right in front of the stage to make it look like they're playing a huge rock show. The performance itself is fine, but unfortunately, this song has so saturated the airwaves recently that I've learned to tune it out.

Q and A Session

It starts when Ben interviews Pierre Bouvier after the band's performance. There's no other word for it. Ben asks about tour dates (the Canadian tour starts a week from today in St. John's, in case you were wondering), then what it was like to mentor the Top 6 (they were nervous at first, but Earl helped them relax. I bet he did. Ha!)

The next stage of the interview session is the weekly ritual of Ben asking the judges completely useless questions and the judges giving him cookie-cutter responses.

Finally, it's time for a new feature on Canadian Idol: we get to ask the competitors questions. This week, Bethany's question is for Mookie: would he rather hang out with Neil Young or Bob Dylan? Mookie considers it for a minute and then chooses Neil Young, because it's Canadian rock week.


Mookie: Is asked to join Ben at centre stage. No talk of the Bottom Three, though. I think Ben is toying with us.

Earl: Is told to stay on the couches. As is Amberly. They both look relieved. I still think Ben is up to something.

Theo, Drew and Mitch: Theo and Mitch join Ben and Mookie at centre stage. Drew stays put.

And then Ben drops the bomb. Mitch, Theo and Mookie are safe. This week's bottom three is Earl, Amberly and Drew. I'm not surprised, but everyone else is. Theo buries his face in his hands, Mitch and Mookie start laughing, Amberly looks confused, Earl looks shocked, and Drew starts clapping awkwardly. Well done, Ben. Now everyone is uncomfortable.

After one final commercial break, we find out that The Idol Who Received The Fewest Votes Last Night is Amberly Thiessen, leaving us with an all-male Top 5 this year. Amberly manages to hold back her tears during her sing-out, but as soon as she starts hugging the boys goodbye, her façade crumbles. It's quite sad to watch.

Next week the judges will be choosing Beatles songs for the guys to sing. I'm looking forward to Mookie's performance already.

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metal2000 says...

Sad to see her go. I'll still marry her, though, even without being in the Top 5 of Canadian Idol (perhaps especially because of that).

Aug 13, 2008 4:08am

Ariana says...

Sportscentre! Was it Jay and Dan?? I live for Jay and Dan. Now I really can't wait to watch this stupid results show.

Aug 16, 2008 2:52am

metal2000 says...

It was Jay and Dutch. As long as it has Onrait I'm happy, and thus I was.

Aug 19, 2008 7:36am

Ariana says...

Dutchie's awesome, and Onrait, as we know, is my hero. But the comedy duo of Jay & Dan cannot be replicated.

Aug 21, 2008 1:26pm

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