Canadian Idol Season 6: Top 5 Results

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Last night Canada voted more than 3.6 million times. Fancy that.

While Ben is talking to the judges at the beginning of the show, Ben mentions that Zack had nothing negative to say about this week's performances, and asks him if he's okay. Zack retorts with a crack about not being a wind-up toy like Ben is. Well played, Mr. Werner.

After a quick recap of what went down last night and a commercial break, we move on to the group performance. It starts with Mitch sitting on a stool singing "Blackbird." Then Drew joins him on stage, performing "Eleanor Rigby." Drew is playing the guitar again, and at one point he flips it around (so the front is facing his chest) and starts tapping on the back of it. It's quirky and cool at the same time. What's not cool is the drooping v-neck on his shirt tonight. Ouch. Mookie comes out third, doing "Get Back," and then Earl rocks a rendition of "Revolution," though he looks supremely bored while doing so. Theo is up last, with "Let It Be," and the other four join him for the finish.

Next, Jully Black chats with the Idols. She asks them what, if anything, they have learned from being on Canadian Idol that they wouldn't have expected to learn. Theo replies that he found out quickly that you have to have thick skin to survive the industry. But he quickly modifies his answer, saying that thick skin makes you not feel, and musicians need emotion to thrive. Jully concurs: rejection is inspiration. Mitch says he finds it tough to convey who he is in one song, and Drew doesn't want to be categorized as belonging to a specific genre. Earl agrees, and advises Drew to just do what feels natural, and your style will transcend genre.

Back on stage, Ben breaks out another viewer question: HotSoup wants to know how Earl feels about the state of the economy. This is where we find out that Earl is either very smart or reading from a teleprompter. His response is quick and speaks to the "sub prime lending crisis in the states" and "Canada's economic fundamentals". Gosh, I hope he just came up with that in the moment. It's much better than the alternative – admitting that these guys need the teleprompter just as much as Ben does.


Theo and Mitch: Theo is safe. So is Mitch

Earl, Mookie and Drew: My three favorites, and only one is safe. The others will make up this week's bottom two. Drew is in the bottom two. Earl is safe for another week. And Mookie is in the bottom two.

Sass and Jake speak to Drew and Mookie, and then one last commercial break before the final results. Ben tells Drew that he's been voted into the Top 4, and Drew is completely taken aback. Boy definitely thought he was going home tonight. I'm glad he's sticking around, but MOOKIE! He's completely calm about his elimination, but I'm certainly not. Things were thrown. Vulgar language was used. Tears were shed!

Mookie revisits "Come Together," and at the end of his performance he smashes his guitar into the stage. The camera pans to his mom in the audience, and no woman has ever looked prouder. I love it.

Overall thoughts: Zack > Ben, Drew needs a new wardrobe, Earl is brilliant, Mookie will be missed.

Next week: Anne Murray.

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Ariana says...

I still have yet to watch... and I haven't watched either of last week's yet!

Aug 21, 2008 5:40am

metal2000 says...

Regional voting is stupid. Yeah, it's cool if your Martime boy makes it far in a TV show, but that doesn't make him the best singer. But that's fine -- I know I'll be seeing Mookie Morris play in Winnipeg at some point. He should definitely launch a Canadian tour with Inward Eye -- they'd work well together on the same bill.

Aug 22, 2008 2:54am

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