SYTYCD Canada: 12 to 10

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So who didn't make the Top 10? The right (or wrong, I suppose) dancers?

Who will you be voting for next week when individual voting starts?

In case you didn't catch it, the bottom six were Lara & Miles, Natalli & Francis, and Allie & Danny. Even after their creative solos, Lara and Francis were sent packing.

For my part, I'm just relieved Miles lasted. And that we got to see some pointe on the show!

Which couples are you sad to see ripped apart? Which pairings are you hoping to see next week? And how much did you love Blake's bizarro opening number?

Most importantly: how many Herve Leger bandage dresses is Layuh-not-Leeah going to wear this season, anyway? (Not that she's not rocking them, but I think we're already at three...)

If you're watching the show, let's see some love (or hate?) in the comments!

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ladyjbug says...

I didn't catch the show. I'll probably be watching recaps during my lunch hour today.

That being said, I think the right people went home. I'm glad Miles stayed! :)

I'm not really sad about any couples being ripped apart. I think it will be awesome to see what the new couples can do, no matter who they are paired with.

Nov 7, 2008 10:32am

swishy5 says...

I didn't get to see the awesome opening number or the guy's solos(I was on my way home from Hairspray). I was kind of surprised that Allie and Danny were in in the bottom, but I really enjoyed Allie's solo. Very cool. I am happy Francis went home, but sad that Natalli didn't go with him. I was so curious as to what Lara would do for voting (badges, banners, and lipstick...I wanted more). Plus she is adorable and a strong dancer. I was very worried for Miles and was glad he got to stay.

I am very sad to see Nico and Arassay being split apart. They have such great connection with each other. I am sure they will do well with their new partners though. It will also be strange to see Lisa and Vincent dancing with others. They seem like very mature professionals (not that some of the others aren't either) that go really well together. Oh, also, I think that Kaitlyn might benefit from a new partner. Izaak is an amazing dancer, but he seems to be holding Kaitlyn back maybe (or that is what the judge's comments lead me to believe).

...I think I'm done now.

Nov 7, 2008 11:41am

Ariana says...

Totally agree on Kaitlyn; I think Izaak has a lot of potential, but--and I know I've made this comparison before--he's a lot like Ivan from U.S. S2, and will look awkward with more experienced, mature women, like Lisa or Natalli. Kaitlyn will totally benefit from partnering with say, Nico or Vincent though. I would actually really love to see Miles and Kaitlyn together one week; for some reason, they seem like they would match.

I really, really loved Lara's personality (I would totally be friends with her if I knew her in real life), but I don't think her acro-dance style translated well to a lot of the other styles, and she is weaker than the other girls left. Yes, even Natalli.

I think Arassay may suffer being away from Nico. While she has a lot of passion--that's undeniable--she doesn't have the technique required to really pull off the trickier kinds of dance, or even a really phenomenal contemporary routine. I'm excited to see Nico, who I love, with a better partner. I think he'd do really well with Allie, actually, which may be an odd choice, but I'd just like to see it.

Mostly I'm just REALLY curious to see how the voting is going to go! Top 10 week is always interesting, on these shows or Idol shows, because everything is starting anew, pretty much.

Nov 7, 2008 12:23pm

fujitam says...

I watched last nights show and can't wait for the recap after tonights results, loved that Nico and Allie were partnered up, they were my favs from the Top 20. I also loved Miles and Lisa's comtemporary dance. I thought everyone did really well, save Issacwho is my pick for going home, as for the girls I think it might be Natalli's time, I think shes a good dancer, just not as good as the rest of the ladies in the field. I thought Kaitlyn did really well with Danny, and deserves another week.

Nov 13, 2008 11:19am

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