So You Think You Can Dance: Weekly Roundup

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This week on Canada's version: Jayme Rae and Daniel knock it out again.

This week on the U.S. show: CAT!!!!!!!!

So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Top 16 Week

The awesome:

  • Kim & Emanuel & their magic tricks & red underwear.
  • Stacey Tookey, as always, coupled with Corynne & Austin for a wonderful contemporary routine that got a bit lost in this night of flashy tricks.
  • Nic's backflip.
  • JAYME RAE & DANIEL. AGAIN. As much as I hate leering judges, I am fully on Tré's side with this one. (And it's nice to reverse the genders on the leering for once, NIGEL.) But let's focus here: this routine was perfect. Not one thing was off, choreography- or performance-wise. PERFECT.
  • Not having to watch Austin do a solo, and Sean Cheesman calling him out on his spastic dancing.
  • Nicolas breakdancing to Latin music.
  • Cody's pink shirt.

The ok:

  • Amy & Vincent's hip-hop by newcomer Flii Stylz.
  • Tara-Jean & Everett's quickstep. I felt that she did wonderfully, especially given that she had her legs fully on display (usually the girls are in long dresses for this routine), but Everett was a bit sloppy. I feel like he is a bit of a waste on this show, but maybe that's because I haven't really seen him solo yet. Come to that, most of the guys this season are a bit of a waste.
  • Vincent finally danced in his solo, at least.
  • Losing Jenna-Lynn. That attitude was really not ok -- I think she may have been more petulant about it than Tatiana was the first week.

The bad:

  • Get-to-know-your-judges packages. These would have been better had they included more footage of them actually dancing. PROVE TO ME TRÉ IS AWESOME.
  • Cody & Melanie's mambo slip-n-slide.
  • Awkward hustle by Jenna-Lynn & Nicolas. BUT ILU BENJI.
  • Natalie's hair. Hell, that whole routine was a hot mess.
  • The girls' solos. Between Jenna-Lynn's attitude and Amy missing her music cue and missing the mark on her outfit (gold bra under fur shrug WTF), it was rather hard to watch. Thank goodness for the breath of fresh air that is Melanie.
  • Losing Nicolas.

So You Think You Can Dance, Auditions #1

I was super stoked that they spent almost no time on bad auditions and only showed us full auditions from those going straight through to Vegas. I COULD HAVE USED MORE OF PASHA & ANYA THOUGH, COME ON.

It is apparently the season of tappers. Could all three of those featured tonight -- Ryan, Bianca, and Phillip -- make it to the Top 20? Would all three of them win votes if their novelty is all the same novelty?

I think the person who won me over the most in this episode (aside from the always lovely Ryan Kasprzak) was Paula, the girl with short, dark hair and yellow dress. I was very impressed with her ability to choreograph herself. Most of the dancers just sort of throw their best stuff out there all at once, but there is very little consideration of the music and interesting movement; I really liked what she did and how she was aware of the connection between her body and the music.

Well, what about you? Do you have a crush on Daniel yet (or Jayme Rae, whatever your taste)? Is three-time Canadian national men's figure-skating champion Emanuel Sandhu winning you over as a dancer yet?

And as for the U.S., how unbelievably glad are you to see Cat Deeley again? (And someone send the girl some Cold FX! She didn't sound so good in the voiceovers.)

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swishy5 says...

Loved Kim and Emanuel/Blake's routine.

Jenna-Lynn's routine totally blew.

Leah looked HOT!

Sep 15, 2009 7:02pm

swishy5 says...

Oh, also, it would have been nice to see the judges dance in the get to know them.

Have you seen How She Move? You can see Tre dancing in that movie.

Sep 15, 2009 7:08pm

ariana says...

Yes I saw it, and I was vastly unimpressed.

Sep 15, 2009 7:09pm

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