Canadian Idol Season 6: Top 5 Performances

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The theme for tonight is twofold: it's Beatles Night, but it's also Judges' Choice. And man oh man, do the two ever work well together. All five guys totally nail the songs chosen for them.

We've reached that transition period where an hour is too long to fill with five performances, but not enough time to have each contestant do two songs. So in the first segment of the show, we're treated to a Beatles montage chronicling their journey to commercial success in North America. And there's some footage from a trip the Idols made to Camp Oochigeas – a camp that offers year-round programs for children affected by cancer. The kids in the video seem happy to have the Top 5 visit them, and it's a nice plug for a worthy organization.

Alright, commercial break, and then we finally break out the performances, starting with Earl's rendition of "With A Little Help From My Friends" – a song the judges chose for him for its lyrical content and soul. Earl strays from his usual style tonight and stands in one spot the whole time, leaving the microphone on its stand and just rocking back and forth a bit. It's so un-Earl-like that it threw me a bit, but with this song, he can't exactly rock out the way he normally does. And, as Zack puts it, the less-is-more vibe lends the performance a "phenomenal intensity."

Mookie is performing "Come Together," a song that plain and simple reminds the judges of him. I have a feeling he's about to blow our minds, and he does not disappoint. His attire: skinny jeans, a marching band jacket, and a guitar. His performance: amazing. Initially, it sounds like the original, but at the chorus, Mookie breaks into a version that is all his own. It's bouncy and soulful and I love it. The judges love it, too - Zack even says it's quite possibly the best version of the song that he's ever heard. Mookie accidentally calls Jake "Zack" when he thanks him and then looks embarrassed. It's absolutely adorable.

For Theo, the judges chose "Long and Winding Road." They also chose for him to play the piano, because it's unnatural for him NOT to play the piano. Agreed. Theo's performance is soft but strong and absolutely gorgeous. And he holds the last note forever. It's amazing. Farley appreciates that Theo came through and did exactly what the judges thought he would do with the song. The other three agree. Ben flirts with Theo again. Why is it always Theo?

The judges think the true Mitch shines through when he sings quiet, heartfelt songs, and that "In My Life" fits him. Therefore, that is what he's singing tonight. Is it going too far to call the judges geniuses? Or to call Mitch's performance perfect? Well, whatever. I'm going there. The judges sure as hell knew what they were doing this week. And Mitch? Gives a sweet, melodic performance that I want to watch over and over and over. And I just might.

Drew is up last tonight. Have I mentioned how adorable I think he is? He's doing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." In their previously taped comments, the judges mention a lot that they want him to show some emotion. Drew follows this advice readily and gives a shiver-inducing performance wrought with emotion. The judges are absolutely blown away - even Zack. Drew has officially redeemed himself for last week's mediocre performance.

Telus recap, then Ben talks for an exceptionally long time while the judges get on stage and mingle with the guys.

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metal2000 says...

All I can say is that I sure picked the right year to start watching Canadian Idol again (I recall watching chunks of the first 2 seasons). Very little (if none at all) of the Celine-esque grandstanding of American Idol and what I've seen of the last several seasons of CI. It's all about good music, good performances, and solid singing along with it.

This Top 5 proves Canadian Idol is no longer a karaoke singing competition, but a TV show to find the best untapped musical talent in the country. I was blown away by 2 of the performances, and felt the other 3 were still very solid in their own ways. Would I have preferred Amberly in there instead of Mitch or Drew? Yeah. But if she had been in and Drew wasn't around, I would've never been treated to that amazing rendition of "My Guitar Gently Weeps". Wow!

Aug 19, 2008 7:29am

Ariana says...

Do you really need to ask why it's always Theo? Come on now.

This is very gushy of you, haha. And of Paul, for that matter. I only half-watched, so I guess I'm going to have to give it another go.

I hate when Ben talks a lot. He's so obnoxious this season.

Aug 19, 2008 9:23am

mandi says...

I was really gushy, wasn't I? I kind of wish that just one of them had sucked - it would give me more material to work with, and I wouldn't be dreading the results so much.

Aug 19, 2008 1:50pm

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