Elizabeth Hughes Belzil

Since childhood Elizabeth has cultivated a love of cinema and film criticism. Though generally inclined to appreciate films that are challenging and innovative, she, nevertheless, has a soft spot for popcorn Hollywood flicks. Elizabeth is an aspiring film maker herself, whose works have appeared in several festivals in the U.S.

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Top Ten Films of the Decade (01.12.10)

Review: District 9 (08.14.09)

Review: Fifty Dead Men Walking (07.31.09)

Review: Public Enemies (07.01.09)

Review: My Sister's Keeper (06.26.09)

Review: Year One (06.19.09)

Review: The Proposal (06.19.09)

Review: Act of God (06.05.09)

Review: O'Horten (06.05.09)

Review: Earth (04.22.09)

Review: Sunshine Cleaning (03.27.09)

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Review: Last House on the Left (03.13.09)

Review: Confessions of a Shopaholic (02.13.09)

Review: The Pink Panther 2 (02.06.09)

Review: Nurse.Fighter.Boy (02.03.09)

Review: Hotel for Dogs (01.16.09)

Review: Revolutionary Road (01.08.09)

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